September 15, 2021

Free eBook: 10 keys to building a 6-figure side hide hustle business no one talks about

Building a business from scratch is tough. It usually takes too much work and involves a significant amount of pressure, expectations, and anxiety. It can be a very chaotic experience, as well. There are so many aspects to consider: how to choose a product, how to know that it’s viable, when it’s time to hire people, how to manage employees, and so on.

It’s really tempting to believe that it’d succeed right away without realizing the massive effort, analysis, and mistakes that building a company carries. Real Estate IQ’s owner and CEO Steve Liang knows this by heart. And he wrote a free eBook to help you thrive without making costly mistakes!

During the journey of growing Real Estate IQ, we followed the bootstrap strategy, and grew the company with little or no initial capital, to where it is today. Through the constant re-investments into the business, we have made millions dollars worth of mistakes, and I want to share all those lessons with you, so you can also build a successful business without making those costly mistakes.

Steve Liang, owner and CEO of Real Estate IQ.

But before you develop a brand, you need a product or a service. Something that sets you apart, that you can sell to people, something that delivers value to its customers. It can be something you created by yourself, or it can also be someone else’s product. In this case, first you need to believe in it firmly; and second, you need to negotiate distribution rights to resell it.

Once you have that core, it’s time to build a structure (and a strategy) around it. And that’s where this free eBook comes at handy! Steve Liang listed 10 steps to help you build a brand and create a 6-figure side hustle business. And he covered all the topics: sales, customer service, marketing, operation, networking, and more!

And you haven’t heard the best part! Besides writing the perfect guide to create a side hustle business, he added his personal experience each step of the way. Yes, you heard right. Steve Liang founded Real Estate IQ six years ago, and he piled up many learnings and lessons.

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Therefore, he decided to include all these exclusive insights along with the guide, so you can understand how each of the 10 keys works in a real-life example and see how he developped the Real Estate IQ you see today. “Building a company and scaling it to a 6-figure side hustle business is not something that happens overnight. But it’s perfectly possible! I believe you can take advantage of my experience by applying it to your own project, assimilating the positive notes, and, hopefully, avoiding making the same mistakes,” Liang shared.

So, if you were looking for guidance on growing your business, then search no more! This free eBook is the perfect guide to accompany you in your process, a cheat sheet that will be extremely helpful if you are a bit confused about what your next steps should be. Moreover, it’s a proven strategy because Steve Liang applied it himself when developing Real Estate IQ!

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