September 1, 2021

Start earning money with Real Estate IQ’s new (and free) Affiliate Program!

It’s time to make some extra money with Real Estate IQ’s brand new Affiliate Program! If you were looking for an opportunity to grow your brand and make some cash in the meantime, then you found it. We’re launching our new Affiliate Program, and we promise it’s going to blow your mind. It has no cost, it adds value to your brand, it gets you our tools for free, and most importantly, it works by commission.

Yes, it’s as good as it sounds! As you surely know, we’ve been providing the best listings in the market to find off market properties for six years now. We’re leading the real estate market in Texas and have already expanded our business to Florida, Georgia, and Utah. Our hard work set us apart from the competition and positioned our company as #1 in deal finding.

Now, we want you to become #1 in deal finding, too! All you have to do is register here to join our Affiliate Program for free. Once you do so, you’ll gain access to the Affiliate Portal. From there, you’ll be able to create your personalized URLs. Share them and start earning money!

Who can join the Affiliate Program?

The short answer is anyone! Yes, there’s no mandatory requirement to become a part of our community. However, it’d be easier for you if you’re a natural promoter with some experience in the real estate business. And if you have access to a group of fellow investors, even better!

This means that you don’t need to be a current Real Estate IQ member, either. In fact, whether you are one or not, once you join our Affiliate Program, you’ll get our Premium Off Market Leads in your Metro Area with a 10% off for three months. Before you worry about the timeline, we strongly believe that that’s the maximum time it’ll take you to have five active referrals. And once you reach that number, you’ll get our tools and products for free!

We want you to know our tools by heart, to test by yourself their effectiveness. That way, you’ll be ready to sell them to the world!

How does Real Estate IQ’s Affiliate Program work?

As we mentioned earlier, our Affiliate Program is based on personalized URLs. Once you become a member, you’ll gain access to the Affiliate Portal. From there, you’ll be able to see your personalized URL (and create new ones!). You must hand out these URLs to your referrals, so we can track the sale and assign it to you.

Beside URLs, you’ll also receive two different promo codes – one that provides a 5% off, and the other, a 10% off. Your referrals can use them when subscribing to our Standard and Premium Off Market Leads (available in Texas, Florida, Utah, and Georgia).

You can share them freely among fellow real estate investors. Nonetheless, don’t forget that your commissions are paid according to the net sales you close. And speaking of commissions, they will be paid each 20th of the expired month, according to the net sales you closed. Click here to see a detail of the percentages you’re entitled to for each new and recurring sale you close!

Become a part of our Affiliate Program! Click here.

What’s in it for you?

Honestly, a lot! First and foremost, you’ll be able to make money! You can use our Affiliate Program to earn a steady extra income just because your referrals use your coupons. You’ll earn commissions from both new and recurring sales.

Second, by subscribing to our Program, you’ll access our Premium Off Market Leads in your Metro Area with a 10% off for three months. And the moment you get a minimum of five subscribers, your access to these tools is free!

Third, by being a member, we’ll support you with a newsletter course, plus free access to all of our events, lead magnets, marketing graphics, and an exclusive community of real estate investors to interact with.

And last but not least, you’ll be able to expand your brand and increase your status by offering leading technology with exclusive discounts. Imagine how your business can take off when adding our products to it!

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Key takeaways

Our new Affiliate Program is a fantastic way of earning some steady income on the side. It’s an easy alternative to receive some money in your bank account monthly and without much effort. It’s also a pretty good option to transfer value to your own brand – whether it’s your company or your name. Offering our best-selling tools (and our free events!) is another way to set apart your competitors and lure potential clients to your portfolio.

It’s also a great option to keep up to date with trends and receive lead magnets and marketing graphics to better understand the real estate industry. Furthermore, it’s a way to belong to a real estate community and connect with other affiliates exclusively.

And lastly, you can become a part of all these at no cost! Really, it’s a no-brainer. We can’t encourage you enough to join our Affiliate Program today. We’d love to have you on board!

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