September 10, 2020

“Virtual Reality”, The Future of Real Estate begins

Making your presence felt in a certain industry takes a lot of time and perseverance let alone staying on top of your game. Real Estate IQ is of no exception to that rule. It underwent many trials and tribulations before it became a real estate industry leader that it is today. Dubbed as the #1 in Deal Finding, it positions itself to be a “Technology and Data Company that focuses on creating Work from Home Automated Systems for the Real Estate Investment Community”.

Our core values revolve around our goal to empower your journey to freedom and success by encapsulating three key values namely Growth Oriented, Champion Mindset and Integrity. It is always about wanting to be better than you were yesterday. To be successful, one has to go through two parts; achieving and teamwork. It’s never going to be just about one person but the importance of team spirit.

Different people on the team have different strengths. That’s how we can truly complement and have a really high effectiveness and how we perform as a team. We are all achievers and we always wanted to win. Always remember: Don’t lose small, just win big.

Finally, its integrity which will give you the right to be in business for the long term. It’s all about having high ethical standards. There’s just no other way that you can last in any business without having a strong foundation of character and values.

We go VIRTUAL; that’s the only Way

The new novel-coronavirus or COVID-19 has forever changed the world as we all know it. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, social distancing guidelines have been limiting the business operations of many companies in all parts of the globe, including real estate brokerage firms. Many countries and communities have also imposed a lockdown as an attempt to contain the spread of the virus.   

In light with these enigmatic scenarios, we are now seeing different trends these days.

Macro: Economic Trends

The US has a big Stimulus Bill of $2 Trillion considering it has  a GDP of US$ 21 Trillion for 2019. We are able to create a lot of money with minimal products and services which may cause inflation to the economy. Despite that, the real estate industry still offers stability and market growth as far as volatility is concerned.

We are now hitting the unemployment rate from 11.1% or 17.8 million as of June 2020.

Micro: Real Estate Investment Community

There is a slight upward trend with 4.2 M mortgages in forbearance which is 8.47% of all home loans. Investors with good credits are likely to still get loans but those who do not have such good credits will likely be declined which in turn will decrease the number of buyers in the long run.

Physical events are turning to virtual events which also leads to acceleration of work from home automation technologies.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are also becoming hot trends which also exemplifies the significance of data flow. Data or information is now the new oil for the economic machinery.

REIQ New Shows

Successful habits Book Club. It was created as a hub for booklovers since  we have a lot of folks that have found success in this industry and they’re sharing what they’re learning from the books and how they’re applying them to the business.

Geeks and Nerds. We talk just about technology stuff. So it’s for the folks that are very, very techno-savvy and are interested with how technology makes our lives easier. 

Passive Investments. Passive investments: we’re building a passive investment platform because these days, it’s all about passive investments.

Virtual Real Estate Transactions under New Normal

Landlords, property owners, tenants, and brokers alike can benefit from this technology. Developers and building owners can use VR and AR in advertising their listings through their websites and provide their clients with a more experiential way of viewing the spaces they offer. Moreover, having an online platform offers the seller a wider reach with international clients.  

Tenants and company owners who are looking for office spaces can conveniently browse and “experience” commercial listings and filter depending on their requirements. VR and AR present a more convenient and cost-effective method of generating listing that would be helpful for business owners to decide.   

Companies that are adopting these strategies also create a better relationship with existing and potential clients. This innovation provides convenience and a more immersive purchasing experience and transaction which ultimately positions the real estate industry to better handle increased transaction volume. 

Innovative services to real estate agents such as 3D Tours, Virtual Tours, Aerial Videos, Floor Plans, HD Photography and Augmented Reality are helping real estate agents to continue selling homes amid the current Coronavirus pandemic. But these are not the only business transactions that are now going virtual.

What is Remote Online Notary/RON?

The act of notarizing documents electronically with an electronic seal online, from a separate physical location than the signer.

Remote Online Notarization, or RON, is the use of audio/visual technology to complete a notarial act when the principal is not in the same physical location as the notary public. Getting consistent state laws passed in all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico is a critical step in moving to a fully digital mortgage experience. 

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