October 16, 2020

The Wonders of Lease Options

“Wholesaling is great, but you need to have some avenue to utilize your leads that you’re throwing away and that’s where lease options come in.”

John Jackson
King of Lease Options

In real estate investing, there are two options that most investors have in mind, buy-and-sell, and buy-and-hold. When you buy-and-sell properties, you aim to put the property at its best shape possible by renovating, then sell it out as soon as possible in the market. Meanwhile, when you buy-and-hold properties, you still do the renovations on the property itself but the thing is that you aim to maintain the property under your name, hold them at the time, and then sell them when they have been appreciated well.

When you are starting in real estate, you might be wondering what is much better between the two options. Yes, they both have their own strengths and weaknesses, and you can choose them depending on the situation you are in. However, there is an avenue for you to merge the best of both worlds – gain the benefits of buying and selling properties, and get the opportunity to hold real estate at once. Let’s venture off to the wonders of lease options.

The Base: How do you define lease options?

Basically, lease option is a “legal term” for rent-to-own, which you may already have an idea of. Most people find a negative connotation of what rent-to-own is and how it can be exploitative for industries outside real estate investing. However, this option can actually be a legal instrument between you as the owner/seller and your tenant/buyer.

It involves the lease that includes their monthly amount due, and the option to buy the property at any given time during the agreement for a predetermined price. You, as the owner, should have an agreement on what would be the price of the home upfront and have them rented the property until they have the amount needed to fully purchase it. With that being said, you actually give your potential buyer more flexibility than the standard lease agreement where the renter is required to buy the property when the lease ends. 

If you use lease options  it’s actually a win-win situation, you give opportunity to your tenants to buy the property from the get-go without you having the need to look out for other possible buyers since a potential buyer is actually renting your property already!

Set up camp for SUMMIT 2020

Lease Options

Being the No. 1 in deal finding, Real Estate IQ is here to be your group leader in exploring different wonders of real estate investing to lead you to the path of becoming a great real estate professional during the pandemic. 

To reach the pinnacle of the real estate mountain, REIQ has gathered its best hikers in the real estate industry to accompany and help you out on your business. They are here to lend a helping hand by teaching you the safest path to your success as you embark on your journey as a real estate investor. REIQ is here to prove that even through the strongest of storms, or the unforgiving winds, you can still be able to reach the peak of the mountain.

 The friend of the mountain, John Jackson

John is the personification of a friendly spirit of the mountain that you’re climbing. It is because he is here to help you out to guide you in climbing the mountain with ease, as if you’re just cruising up along the slopes and overcoming obstacles along the way. John is the nation’s premier authority on real estate lease options, and that’s one of the reasons why you should befriend that “spirit”.

John Jackson started his lease option company, Leasing To Buy®, in 2003, and has managed to do 600 lease option transactions since then. Not only that, John is also the only educator that teaches Texas Lease Options, that even real estate attorneys refer to John for education and training on the subject.

With that in mind, John is here to share his knowledge and of how you can take advantage of the benefits of lease options and use it wisely as you course through the pandemic and create a very successful lease option business in the real estate industry.

His course would go on to the difference between wholesaling and lease options, and the 3 different types of lease options. It will also go on to different lease option assignments, and how you can easily turn your no equity leads into money.

Start your climb in real estate

Real Estate IQ is here to embark on a journey amidst the ongoing pandemic and continue to show the breathtaking view of real estate success to each and every interested investor. Grab your climbing gear on October 17, 2020 and take a step upwards and towards the success you’re looking for. There would be 10 climbing experts in real estate investing that would be there to make sure that you are going to be fit and ready to climb your mountain and reach the summit of your business.

The starting point themed, “Finding Opportunities in Crisis: Real Estate IQ’s 1st Annual Investor Summit”, which is led by the best hikers in the real estate industry and REIQ, this event would tackle all the tips, strategies, and trends that you can capitalize on making sure that your real estate business will boom and provide you the greatest of profits. With the help of the virtual and digital technology, this event envisions itself to continue and be held annually. Geared up with the greatest promotions along with the most credible and best speakers, the summit has the potential to be the largest and most anticipated real estate event of this year and expects to be a catalyst of success for thousands of real estate climbers by assisting them to reach the top.

Make the first step; the opportunity is here

All real estate investors want to get their money’s worth. In fact, everybody does. The constant need of earning profit is something that cannot be quenched for too long. With that being in mind, we have to be ready to take risks if necessary and grab every opportunity we have in sight. In the real estate business, you should be eager to learn more than what you know right now. Create multiple options on how you can approach the opportunities you have, because by the end of the day, leads are hard to come by if you have limited options to choose from.

Always bear in mind that you have to start before you can even reach your destination. As the old chinese proverb says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, we should go forth by taking that first step of our expedition and face the challenges head on. Remember that it is not always the destination, sometimes it’s the journey. But just like when you finish climbing the mountain, it is really rewarding to see everything while enjoying the view from the top. All you have to do is take that first step now, and keep the momentum in an all-time high.

Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb. Let REIQ help you find that answer and see the wonders of “Finding Opportunities in Crisis: Real Estate IQ’s 1st Annual Investor Summit”.

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