November 23, 2020

The Traits To Embrace As A Real Estate Investor

The thing about the real estate market is that it is perceived to be one of the careers that have produced the highest number of millionaires. With that being said, it is appealing for aspirants to pursue a career in the said field. The best part of the industry is that it can cover a variety of skill sets that can easily be attained through perseverance and interest in the field.

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With traits that can be practiced through different avenues, we have narrowed it down to the four best qualities to embrace as you embark on a real estate investor’s career.

#1 Proficiency

Real Estate Investor

It’s safe to say that knowledge of what you do can lead to your success in any career. Knowing about your product and its industry provides you with leverage amongst competitors that eye the same prize as you do. 

A real estate investor with a portfolio to match their credentials is equipped to provide the best offers and easily gain potential clients’ trust. These individuals are up to date with the latest trends and are aware of opportunities as soon as they come in. 

Keep in mind that successful people will always have a hunger for learning more. Their limitations are set to what they would limit themselves to be, and that’s why they are at a state of where they want to be and have strived to be.

Here are some skills you can master as you embrace this trait:

  • Know how to analyze properties and cash flows
  • Develop a keen eye for unrecognized property
  • Learn and understand rehab cost
  • Stay on top of economic shifts and trends that affect the real estate industry.
  • Maximize commercial and residential properties in line with ownership and renting

The more you know about investing in real estate, the more likely you will exude confidence in what you are trying to sell. Facts will always overpower opinions.

#2 Composure

Real Estate Investor

Being patient and composed about making a sale is not always the case. Remaining calm under pressure is a valued trait for real estate investors because the career requires such. The pressure to achieve so much in a small amount of time is something that real estate investors fall into.

They are likely comparing their current status to seasoned investors in the field. This is not something you would want to practice. Envy is already a weakness. Therefore practicing such in an industry would seemingly mean that you are giving in. 

Patience and composure can take several forms when it comes to real estate investing. Learning how to recognize areas where it becomes needful can save you from a lot of expensive mistakes.

An area wherein investors make mistakes is buying a property that suffices their target. Even if it isn’t necessary, newbies in the industry feel the need to exceed what they can accomplish. They feel this pressure to make things happen even if their bandwidth or capabilities aren’t up to par. Having the patience to wait for the right deal is beneficial, and having the resilience to wait until it comes along is undeniably a valuable trait to possess.

#3 Vision

Keep in mind that all real estate investors are visionaries. You may ask why so? It’s because, in a market where the only thing constant is change, you would need to envision and forecast your success with the deals that you make.

Assets and properties aren’t profitable for real estate investors if they only rely on the normative increase. This is the concept of patiently waiting for the increase in value as time would progress. In reality, the wealthiest real estate investors envision what their properties would look like after renovations and improvements.

Having the vision to see what a property could be and then pursuing that vision sets average investors from professional ones. You would have to understand a fine line between the highest and best value in the real estate industry. You can purchase a property that will provide you with the highest value over time, which would roughly help you breakeven. Or you could buy properties with the best market value, ensuring that your return on investment meets both your wants and needs.

#4 Competence

Real Estate Investor

Competence is a skill practiced by the best in a variety of businesses out there. The real estate industry is no different. Being competent ensures that you can manage time as a real estate investor and are efficient in materializing proposals made.

To surely practice this trait, you must first prioritize and sufficiently manage your tasks and goals. A real estate investor that can’t exude competence surely doesn’t project the credibility to provide the best properties at the best prices.

Having and practicing competence ensures that people around you would do the same. Especially if you are just about to embark on the industry with a team of people. You want your team to be as competent as you to meet your customers’ and clients’ needs. As you grow, you want that ripple to run through your entire career.

When it comes to real estate, investing, and pursuing a career as a real estate investor. It’s crucial to acknowledge that the market will throw you off countless times, and how you adapt to the said situation will dictate your success.

Exemplify these traits, and we can assure that you may be knocked down, yet you can get back stronger. Survival in the industry is not impossible. With the right traits at your back pocket, you’re destined for greatness.

Excerpts: When it comes to real estate investing, and pursuing a career as a real estate investor, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the market will throw you off countless times. How you adapt to the said situation will dictate your success. Stay on top of economic shifts and trends that affect the real estate industry.

Credit: Steve Liang is the Co-founder and CEO of Real Estate IQ. He is a  national speaker and a member of the Real Estate Advisory Board of North Lake College. Some of his achievements include being the REIQ’s Market Leader in Real Estate Intelligence Augmentation; co-founder of Real Estate Deal Finders Meetup, which hosts over 20 monthly real estate networking and deal-finding training in Texas; and a goal-setter and motivational speaker that helps entrepreneurs to unleash their potential and achieve their goals. Steve has spent most of his career practicing leadership, management, marketing, and strategy execution.

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