October 7, 2020

The President’s Treatment: Antibodies Help to Show Progress

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There has been recent speculations on the current condition of the US President after testing positive for COVID-19. But then again, it makes us wonder; chosen treatment that he was provided safe? Would it be accessible to the masses? Would it even be as effective as it may seem.

Truth be told, there are several blogs and articles online regarding the subject matter. No one has yet to prove what were the effects of the medicine taken and if it would be something that could cure the ongoing pandemic. Lucky enough, the sources we have gathered explained what the president took, and how it would affect his overall health condition.

What Was The Treatment Taken?

Studies have shown that the true testament to what can defeat and cure people of the virus is the injection of antibodies that can possibly rid them off.  Our immune system can only do so much, therefore the added assistance to fight the virus would be through the aforementioned antibodies.

It’s a combination of two antibodies that are directed and put against a key protein of the virus that causes COVID-19. The antibodies chosen will bind to a region on the main surface of the immune system to spike protein. 

The inoculation of the aforementioned antibody helps the virus attach to a receptor on human cells which is called angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. This would lead to the generation of reactors that can cling on and fight the virus.

Was The Treatment Safe?

Tests were run for the said treatment on both golden hamsters and rhesus macaques that were intentionally injected with SARS-CoV-2 (virus) similar to COVID-19 showed the treatment could reduce viral levels, minimize the increase, and the overall spread.

Regeneron, the creators of the medicine, presented preliminary data from its ongoing trial in people who were declared positive for SARS-CoV-2 but were asymptomatic. 

Trump was provided with the said treatment in the hopes of beating the virus. The interesting part about how this treatment would react would be dependent on the body it was injected to. For now, the positive signs of Trump’s recovery peeves a way towards a prosperous future.

A trial is being conducted by Regeneron, however it has yet to release results and or progress in the study.

Was The President Given A Higher Dosage?

The difference with the dosage that was given to the president and what was tested on other patients would revolve on the idea of faster recovery. This is because the makers of the medicine (Regeneron) have claimed that the increase in dosage would prolong the antibodies’ effect on the immune system. 

We are trying to extract a virus that tends to feed off individuals with weaker immune systems or the lack of antibodies. Trump’s physicians chose to use 8 grams, hoping that the results would further provide better signs. Rest assured, the increase will not affect nor diminish the effect. 

Was Trump Qualified?

What raises concerns is how did the president get access to the clinical treatment. Did he have to pay generous amounts to the clinics that provided this? Was his position in power providing him the leverage for access?

Logically, the president may have registered beforehand and was provided the treatment after declaring that he tested positive. There are also speculations that lead to the idea that the creators run random trials and it may have been luck that provided the president with the antibodies.

Nevertheless, it would still be something we look forward to since we all want to eliminate the virus.

Will The Treatment Be Available For Everyone

We all crave for the day that we can see these treatments on the market or at least available for the masses. It’s something we look forward to amidst the ongoing pandemic, reformation, and normalization of our current status.

We are currently adapting to the change and have practiced limits to prevent the spread of the unseen enemy. The problem is, there are instances where the virus has shown its prowess to overcome the repercussions done. As we yearn and expect the best possible outcome of the provided treatment to our leader, let’s all look at this as a silver lining we are yet to experience.

Positive or Negative

Another question that has been floating around is whether or not the president’s condition is a positive or negative implication to the masses.

Here’s the thing, the negative implication of a national leader testing positive for a global pandemic raises concerns. It’s because the leader sworn to protect its people has been undermined by a virus. 

On a positive note, citizens are now more cautious about their belief in the practice of medical protocols. 

The president may have been seen or forecasted to feel better or show signs of recovery yet, we can’t guarantee or be assured that it’s a success story. The market, the real estate industry and even our lives are still in great danger with the ongoing pandemic. At this point, uncertainty is really the hurdle to surpass in order to move forward.

Let us all be reminded that anything can happen. We will win against this battle, as long as we have the patience and determination to do so. The present world now calls for more compassion, kindness, and the sublime spirit of togetherness. The whole world saw how most countries suffered. But it also opened our hearts and our eyes to how amazing it is to not give up. We may have seen the darkest of nights but as long as we hold the torch of positivity, as long as we help each other, and care for one another, there will be hope.

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