November 4, 2020

The Best Investment Is Investing On Earth Itself: Building Your Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

Admittedly, financial freedom is what we all aspire to achieve in our professional lives. Luckily enough, the real estate industry paves the way for investing in the real estate market, especially with a market that can target both passive and active income. We believe that every individual or aspiring real estate investor can build a real estate portfolio; however, there is a way to take that knowledge and experience and take it to a whole new level.

The secret is through building a million dollar real estate portfolio. We know what you’re thinking, isn’t making a portfolio something that comes along as you embark on the journey of real estate investing? It may, yet there is a fine line wherein you can maximize and utilize your resources to spearhead your success.

On November 5, 2020, at 6:30 PM CST, Chris Bounds, one of the top caliber real estate investors in the field, shares with you simple steps on how to build your million-dollar rental portfolio and achieve financial freedom in no time. At Real estate IQ, we are bound to make your journey in the industry a success unlike any other!

Here are some of the topics that will be discussed on November 5, 2020, that you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

Building A Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

Real Estate Portfolio

Yes, you read that right. Chris will be delivering deliberate details and steps to ensure that your portfolio stands out. A real estate portfolio defines the real estate investor that holds it. Building, molding, and ensuring that the portfolio created suits your taste and the client’s wants and needs will be crucial in converting that lead.

There are real estate investors that believe they are capable of doing this all on their own. Trust us. We believe in you too. However, it wouldn’t harm you to take tips and tricks that can be utilized in your current practice. Learning is only limited to the individual that limits themselves to learn more. 

How To Have A Good Passive Income

Real Estate Portfolio

Rentals and properties like multi-family homes are slowly peeving its way into the real estate industry. Taking advantage of the growth in the market will surely be worthwhile. Some real estate investors have difficulty accepting the active approach in growing their investment in the real estate industry. Luckily for them, rentals are a great source of passive income. 

In the real estate industry, passive income would focus on how a real estate investor, such as yourself, would manage their rental property. It allows you to create an avenue wherein the minimal load of making a sale would be in line with having tenants rent your space. The growth in continuous cash flow may be a slow start compared to buying and selling; however, the assured income will suffice in time.

Achieving Financial Freedom

Real Estate Portfolio

Wouldn’t you want to be your boss? We indeed aspire to generate enough income, wherein we no longer need to report to a supervisor. We thirst for financial freedom and control over our hours. It is one of the perks of owning or starting your own business; you are in total control of the outcome and the process of attaining such goals.

We can learn so much from real estate investors that have gone through this before us, and they may even share tips and tricks that would be applicable in our endeavor—keeping in mind that we all have our phase and goals to achieve, and there are no shortcuts to attaining them. Learning as much as we develop and hone our skills will be pivotal to the growth we want to achieve.

There is so much to learn in the real estate industry, and our speakers at Real Estate IQ are eager and willing to impart their knowledge. Join us on November 5, 2020, and we can achieve greatness in the industry together. We are molding the potential and ideas you have within, feeding that hunger to persevere in the industry. We want you to make it big with the credentials and portfolio to support them.

Excerpts: There is so much to learn in the real estate industry and our speakers at Real estate IQ are eager and willing to impart their knowledge. 
We can learn so much from real estate investors that have gone through this before us and they may even share tips and tricks that would be applicable in our endeavor.

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