November 17, 2020

Something To Consider: The Life Sciences Sector Can Be Beneficial To The Real Estate Industry

Investing in commercial and residential properties has been the go-to for real estate investors. It’s evident that through practice, they have already mastered the art of generating and converting leads in the respective areas. They have failed to consider and have yet to discover that life sciences can offer the same and even more in line with returns and profit.

What Is Real Estate In Life Sciences?

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Generally speaking, the life sciences industry encompasses a wide range of medical fields that includes and yet is not limited to biotechnological offices, pharmaceuticals outlets, biomedical technologies and science facilities, life systems technologies and offices, nutraceuticals, and the manufacturing of biomedical devices (factories). This fact alone makes a good atmosphere for the real estate industry that will be worth investing in.

Keeping that in mind, many real estate investors such as yourself can choose to invest in the life science space by buying up laboratories and leasing them to life science companies. With the ongoing pandemic, it’s safe to say that the industry would thrive in such an aspect. Another thing to consider is rising “flex” spaces that will shelter both life sciences (laboratories) and office spaces in one building, maximizing both sides of the spectrum.

Either way, it would be worth the investment as long as all possible resources are checked and utilized for serving its purpose. The life sciences and the real estate industry have one thing in common: to take up space to betterment their business.

Here are some of the top reasons you should consider investing in properties that cater to the life sciences as a real estate investor.

It Is One Of The Top-Performing Sectors

It’s pretty evident how rampant and vital the life sciences are. It just so happens that real estate investors are focused on commercial, residential, and mobile homes as their business of choice, not thinking about the opportunity that life sciences have to offer. Looking at how fast the life sciences have progressed over the years and their need for space, the investment will surely be worth the risk.

Looking at how our society has acted upon the COVID 19 outbreak, life sciences have shown how relevant they are to our community. Ensuring that they are given the proper space and consideration, it is evident that in the future, the return on such investment will become fruitful for the real estate investor and the industry that it is in.

The Recession May Not Have An Effect

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The unemployment rate has risen, especially in sectors that would require employees to report for work for their 9:00 AM-5:00 PM jobs. However, if you haven’t noticed, life science workers are rampant and are continuously seeking employment. Not only are they hiring doctors and certified medical individuals in the field, but they are also being funded by the government to continue their practice.

The salaries and compensations provided to this sector showcase promise that there is undoubtedly a return after the said investment within the business perspective. Studies also show that even after COVID 19, dedicated researchers and laboratories will be significant and rampant to secure the future of our daily and medical lives. This indicates that the life sciences sector isn’t dying down any time soon. 

Evident Growth In The Sector

Looking at the demographics we currently have, Millennials and Boomers are coming of age, which means that the older generations are clicking their senior years. With that being said, there will be a need to ensure that the said individuals’ health and wellness are still intact concerning their needs. This situation only means that the sector and industry in itself will be secured for the coming years.

The implication and assumption of these numbers are that people will have an even greater need for pharmaceuticals and medical devices as the population ages.

As a real estate investor, you would also have to consider where the top demographic for such a sector would deem itself as a good investment.

Here’s a shortlist of places that serve as great places to invest in the life sciences sector.

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Boston, Massachusetts

The Boston area has always been considered one of the top life sciences clusters in the world. Just to give you a glimpse of what they have to offer, its wealth of hospitals and universities in Boston and Cambridge showcases their value of the sector and would deem worthy of the investment.

San Francisco, California

On the other hand, San Francisco has slowly proven its worth in the Biomedical Industry. He has shown promise with their exemplary research laboratories that cater to their research and study. This also provides an avenue for investments since the need for spaces would deem rampant in the coming years.

If you’re thinking of investing in commercial real estate and residential homes, you may want to consider investing in properties that can be rented out as life sciences facilities. It’s because not only does it showcase its need in the real estate market, it also provides a glimpse of what the future holds in the said field. Studies and further research suggest that this sector has been growing for years and shows no signs of stopping any time soon despite economic downturns and shifts. 

Excerpts: Investing in commercial and residential properties has been the go-to for real estate investors.
Both the life sciences and the real estate industry have one thing in common, and that is to take up space to betterment their business.

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