September 1, 2020

“Some Good News,” a ray of sunshine in Real Estate Investing

Not just a silver lining, but also a burst of sunshine and rainbows…

“…If we could also teach people to be grateful, we can have an amazing world where negativity could not grow and foster…“

Catriona Gray Miss Universe 2018

A few years ago, those powerful words catapulted a woman to an immense platform of influence all over the world, or even more so the universe.  This 2020, the ongoing pandemic  is giving real estate experts an avenue to stir and shed some light and positivity to many distressed investors amidst these trying times.

The webinar show itself opens with no less than the Director for Growth of Real Estate IQ, Becky Kromminga as webinar host. With one of its co-founders, Juan Carlos Cruz, serving as a speaker, the  event was all in the service of reminding us that while the pandemic still casts havoc and uncertainties today, Real Estate IQ isn’t forgetting to add some drops of positivism into the day to day concoction of real estate investment activities. Deep down, it’s still a company that made well — and wants to give back.

Now joining the rank of its contemporary webinar shows from REIQ such as Successful Habits Book Club, Geeks, and Nerds, and Real Estate Hot Trends, this new online event adheres to a time-tested digital webinar  format.  While featuring some experts in the real estate business, each of them adding some personal touches, the event allows them to share their stories and offer their missions to the viewers. The event consists of three experts from different segments of real estate investing, giving their version of the good news for investors that they are seeing in their respective markets/businesses.  There is also a time in the end for a Question and Answer segment, an exciting portion that opens up doors of opportunities to learn  from the best and  finest experts in the industry. Moreover, participants get to acquire brilliant pieces of advice and apply to their real estate investing careers. 

Since we see and hear so much bad news these days, REIQ wanted to put together an event with the opposite vibe. The event demonstrates that each of us has the power to make a profound impact on other people, make them understand why  they act the way they do, how they think and feel about their surroundings. It gives emphasis to the importance of sending a message of hope and fostering a spirit of community, connection, and fellowship now more than ever.t the way

The Some Good News webinar looks to be aiming for any slight uplifting of the real estate community spirit, mixing feel-good altruism and resiliency. This new webinar program from Real Estate IQ is definitely a must-watch and a total breath of fresh air amidst a generally depressing atmosphere in almost all parts of the globe. Catch another edition of Some Good News this September.

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