December 1, 2020

Soft Skills Needed For A Hard-Earned Real Estate Money

Real estate investors will have a variety of skills needed to ensure that they are successful in the field. On the other hand, soft skills can’t be taught; however, it can be nurtured. 

Whether you are a renowned real estate investor on your own or have built a team, soft skills are harnessed that will propel you higher than your competitors.

Do consider that soft skills aren’t honed overnight; just like any trait you may possess, skills take time to get tuned. Many of these traits and abilities aren’t outwardly or immediately identifiable, especially onset during an interview. 

Some may not present themselves until they are in action, so it may be best to see them showcase them through simulation.

1. Mastering The Art Of Communication


Just like in any other business, the art of communication is vital in building your network and strengthening relationships. Communication can come in a range wherein it becomes applicable within a team and with clients. You would want to maximize this skill because it can either make or break your success.

An individual that isn’t capable of conveying their intent in terms of communication may fail. Real estate investors are keen and proficient in this skill and would deem it necessary to furtherment their careers. Here are some of the forms of communication that would suit best should they be practiced in your real estate industry career.

  • Verbally communicate your intent
  • Listen and convey what was understood
  • Proficiently communicate in writing
  • Present and exude confidence as you communicate
  • A smear of humor can go a long way.

2. Becoming A Leader By Example


Real estate investors should portray the skills of being a leader; it’s because leaders know what they want and will do everything in their power to achieve what they want. Leadership isn’t something you can teach; this is why there are “natural born leaders” in the industry is because they exemplify the trait and are honed to become the individuals that they are.

In the real estate industry, leading does not connote that you are the boss of people around you. Moreover, leaders guide members toward the right path. They ensure that you would lead people towards a sale, the right decision on properties, investments, and many more. Real estate investors that are leaders show promise in achieving their goals. 

Here are common traits exemplified and shown by great leaders.

  • Handles and Perfects the art of negotiation
  • Can easily make quick and rational decisions
  • Is strategic in planning
  • Is composed in handling difficult situations
  • Efficiently delegates tasks that will lead to proficiency.

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3. Naturally An Influencer


The coined term “influencer” is arguably questionable as a skill needed in the real estate industry. If you think about it, you would wonder about the necessity of the skill as mentioned above. However, focus on the beneficial aspect of the craft in line with making the sale.

Real estate investors will have to be influential in aspects wherein they would involve properties they have purchased from the market and generate a hefty profit. We aren’t dictating that investors who aren’t influential will fail in the industry. Moreover, we are showcasing the added benefit of it all.

Should you wish to make a mark in the industry, then we suggest that you exemplify this skill and hone it to the best of your capabilities. Here are certain assets that suffice the need for this skill.

  • It will ensure closing and converting sales.
  • Influential real estate investors can motivate people around them.
  • Being influential promotes negotiation skills.
  • Being persuasive comes naturally.
  • Collaboration becomes easy since people and clients feed off your energy.

4. Actively Showcase Creativity


Real estate investors should ensure that they are on top of trends in the industry. This would mean that they aren’t confined within the four corners of what the industry has to offer. An average real estate investor not seeking success would just perfect buying and selling properties.

Honing the skill of creativity will make your business successful and always open avenues for improvement. Limiting what you can do within the constraints of what is already amidst your reach will never aid in your success. Creativity seeks to change, and change will always ensure growth.

Here are some assets tagged with creativity:

  • Excellence in problem-solving
  • Innovative in every aspect
  • Critical in thinking in line with their creativity
  • A great sense of design

You should consider these soft skills to hone on your own and work great crafted within your team. Real estate investors do not stick with the norm, you won’t achieve what your successors have already attained mimicking what they have done. There has been a drastic change in the market, and if you aren’t going to shift your perspective, then this is as good as it gets.

Credit: Steve Liang is the Co-founder and CEO of Real Estate IQ. A national speaker and a member of the Real Estate Advisory Board of North Lake College. Here are some of his achievements: REIQ’s Market Leader in Real Estate Intelligence Augmentation Also a co-founder of Real Estate Deal Finders Meet-up, which hosts over 20 monthly real estate networking and deal finding training in Texas. A goal-setter and motivational speaker that helps entrepreneurs to unleash their potential and achieve their goals. Steve has spent most of his career practicing leadership, management, marketing, strategy, and execution.

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