June 8, 2020

Real Estate IQ is Generating Client Leads Through Free Webinars and Training Like Other Leading Brands

Leading brands from multiple industries have been using webinars and online training to get sales leads. Real Estate IQ, a leading software company in the real estate industry that helps in providing seller leads and real estate tools.

The company made the initiative to release free webinars and training for anyone interested or part of the real estate industry. This approach served as a step towards stronger digital marketing for the company.

In 2019, 6000+ users in Texas subscribed to our services, Reached $1MM ARR in Texas, Expanded to 5 markets in FL and GA, established 10 new departments and held more than 100 Events!! That’s to cap off 2019!!

Real Estate IQ was founded by Steve Liang (CEO and co-owner) and Juan Carlos Cruz (COO and co-owner) as a software company that is dedicated to helping clients easily find motivated seller leads. From providing leads, the company expanded its services by developing software tools that are helping clients in running comps, estimating rehabilitation costs, and skip-tracing contact information. Today, the company has started to attract sales leads by hosting free webinars and online training.

Webinars are a new way to adapt from the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Now that social gatherings are no longer encouraged, there is still a need for the real estate industry to learn everything that might be useful in the business. Using some of the famous software applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, webinars have been made possible.

Real Estate IQ already had the initiative years ago of hosting free webinars for the real estate industry. Through their webinars, the company was able to attract sales leads to help increase their sales. The company’s free webinars also received great feedback because the questions of the timely topics and the participants’ questions are being answered online.

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To date, Real Estate IQ made bigger initiatives by hosting free webinar series for everyone to choose from. The company has a webinar series dedicated to newcomers or interested investors who want to know about the guiding principles and techniques that will help them secure success. Real Estate IQ also offers in-depth discussions about the various fields of expertise like fix n flip, wholesaling, multifamily, loans, and many other topics. 

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Real Estate IQ wanted to reach many people through their webinar, which is why the company started a free bilingual webinar series that is dedicated to the Hispanic Community and a Book Club series for people that are interested in amazing books. With a lot of potential speakers expressing their interest to work with Real Estate IQ, the company is gearing up to add more webinars from the current 50 plus that the company is launching this month of June.

Real Estate IQ is also catering to the needs of experienced real estate professionals. The company has regular Deal Finding and Deal Analysis training hosted by Becky Kromminga, Kevin Kromminga, Rodney Rush, and Joseph Dela Cruz. Joseph Dela Cruz is also the resource speaker for Geeks and Nerds in Real Estate, a free webinar dedicated to making technological innovations in the real estate business. 

The company has also seen the need to nurture the growth and development of its clients, because of this initiative the REIQ Training was born. REIQ Training is a free webinar training that is exclusive to the company’s clients.  These training sessions have been very effective in attracting sales leads since most participants in this training can easily assess and compare the value of the products of Real Estate IQ. The Real Estate IQ Training, on the other hand, has received great feedback from customers as it made them decide to extend and upgrade their subscriptions.

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The company has been successful in generating unique sales leads from these webinars. From the month of March, the generated sales leads have increased by up to 200%, which followed the increase in sales as well. This positive outcome sparked the initiative of hosting more webinars, exploring more content, and reaching other communities. With this kind of initiative, Real Estate IQ is expecting to generate more sales and lead to gear-up for national expansion.