September 16, 2020

Real Estate IQ: Opening the Gates to Real Estate Industry’s Finest Hour

“If the pandemic didn’t happen, this should definitely be bigger and we will do it in person.”
Becky Kromminga
Director of Growth, Real Estate IQ

As a beginner in the real estate business, are you speculating on how to thrive amidst the pandemic?

Have you tried imagining the possibilities that are in store for you even if there is a crisis? Let’s all find out!

In just a span of months, the lives of so many people have changed in an instant since the escalation of COVID19 cases worldwide is still happening. Undeniably, we shall view the pandemic as a humanitarian challenge that will have permanent repercussions on how people live, work and play. The community has changed in such a way that people can no longer meet, do business personally, eat, shop and even socialize when they want to. In addition to that, the economy moved rapidly from being business as usual to work-from-home mandates or even worse, office closures.

The mandate on physical distancing has directly shifted the way people interact with physical space.

For the first time in recent memory, the actual effects of the pandemic are getting into our nerves in ways we can never have imagined, penetrating our lives and reverberating into our minds. With 2.6 billion people across the globe now living under some sort of a lockdown quarantine, we are in dire need of opportunities that we can find in the middle of a crisis.

Our Mission to give back to the Community

With the current level of uncertainty in the economy and people still being hesitant that commercial productivity isn’t fully recovered, we truly deserve some good news. It is good to know that many businesses are taking major steps to try to cushion the damages of the pandemic and adapt to the new normal. Given this, to respond to the urgent threats of the crisis should be our topmost priority. Visualizing a community where everyone thrives to still become successful in their businesses shall be our main focus as of the moment.

This is where REIQ enters the picture. We believe that by acting today, real estate leaders can best serve its clients to ensure their own stability. We want to give back to the community where we envision that all opportunities are not limited and are available to everyone particularly when they need it the most. All these efforts have to be put into action in the hopes of creating a sustainable real estate industry for all.

Considering the restrictions that were set by the COVID-19 pandemic, what real estate strategies should landlords, property owners, property developers and all investors should consider to survive and grow during a crisis?

Finding Opportunities in Crisis: Real Estate IQ’s 1st Annual Investor Summit

Tagged as the no.1 in Deal Finding, Real Estate IQ is true to its promise of giving back to the community especially this pandemic. We want to create and provide an avenue where all real estate investors can learn, help and nurture their business, open doors of chances to help them succeed and guide them with how the real estate market is currently performing. Because here in REIQ, we believe in your capabilities!

Adjusting to the new normal with almost everything switching to virtual platforms, Real Estate IQ invites all real estate investors from all walks of life to attend and learn from the experts!

Your Attendance is a MUST!

Gain knowledge: Learning from a brilliant set of panelists and experienced investors who are considered the finest in their own chosen fields is beneficial for your business.

Grow your network: It’s high time for you to meet new real estate professionals! The opportunity to expand your network must always come first as it will help your business in the long run.

Exciting Giveaways: By joining our live event, you’ll get freebies and raffle entries that will surely be an important takeaway that you can use on your business!

On October 17,2020, against the raging wrath of the pandemic, the real estate industry comes together for the most anticipated event of the year! Carrying the banner title, Finding Opportunities in Crisis: Real Estate IQ’s 1st Annual Investor Summit, REIQ gathers the industry’s best and finest professionals to talk about vital issues and trending topics on real estate investing.

Let’s hear it from the Real Estate Experts!

Juan Carlos Cruz

A CEO and one of the founders of Real Estate IQ,  he is a successful entrepreneur, expert in real estate investments and an authority in Automated Home Valuations (AVM).

Becky Kromminga

Playing the role of Real Estate IQ’s Director of Growth for Houston Operations, she loves to apply her skills as a former Math Teacher and Educational Researcher to Real Estate Investing. She has experiences with buy and hold, wholesaling, flipping and subject to.

Max Keller

A full time real estate investor with over 15 years of experience, Max is a best-selling author of books, travels the U.S. teaching people the advantages of using books to enhance their lead generations and lead conversions.

Augie Byllott

Augie is the nation’s leading expert on creative financing and has been helping people build their financial freedom with real estate. In the past 15 years, Augie has purchased 598 houses without the assistance of banks, cash or credit.

Connor Steinbrook

An investor, agent, entrepreneur, and the creator of Investor Army; the largest real estate investing youtube channel in Texas and is one of the largest in North America.

Brant Phillips

A full-time real estate investor, business owner, business coach, Realtor with eXp Realty and a bestselling author. Brant was featured on Fox News as a Real Estate expert and hosts local seminars and training events.

Tom Nardone

Tom is an example of an individual who pursues financial freedom. After 25 years of selling and buy and hold, he has bought over 250 properties, and now truly lives the American dream.

Amy Ransdell

An active real estate investor, execution and transformation coach, investment strategist, licensed real estate broker, brokerage owner, speaker, and marketing lead for multiple companies, Amy is a treasure trove of knowledge for any aspiring real estate investor.

To make the discussions more interactive, you can expect more experienced investors to be added on our list of guest speakers! So keep yourself updated as we reveal their profiles and exciting topics SOON!

The Future of the Real Estate Community lies in YOU!

As the real estate community is getting back on track despite the crisis, experts’ opinions will always matter. Real Estate IQ, with its corporate volunteerism and social responsibility of educating new and experienced investors on what are the essentials and the best strategies to know and adopt, makes itself more worthy of its solid susceptibility in the industry. Yes, businesses are established for earnings, making money and income, but are more likely to be completely fulfilled with a sense of purpose, a vision and a reason.

Showing a united front, Real Estate IQ finally breaks the barriers and bridges the gaps in the real estate industry. This investor summit, being a first of its kind, is projected to be an annual event to anticipate for all real estate investors and professionals.

Don’t dare miss this opportunity! Join this event, the community is now waiting for you! Sign up HERE.