September 30, 2020

Real Estate Deal of the Day San Antonio – September 30, 2020

Deal of the Day

San Antonio DOD 

6918 Capella Cove, San Antonio, Texas 78252

September 29, 2020

MLS Number: 1474886

This is Rod from Real Estate IQ and this is our Deal of the Day! Our subject property is at 6918 Capella Cove, San Antonio, Texas 78252. It is listed at $251,000 with it’s estimated price is a whopping $364,449 and the list price per square foot is at $108 and five cents while the estimated price per square foot is at $156 and 89 cents. Regarding the specifics of the property, you can see that we have four bedrooms and three bathrooms. This is a two story building and the square feet is at 2323 square feet.

And of course, some releasing agents have provided the public remarks as well as our subject property here. And if in case you are interested in this property, you’ll have the agent’s phone number provided here as well. 

So let’s take a look at the photos of our subject property and some of the comps that we have on our list. So this is what the property looks like, this is a property that was built in 2020 so this is a new house, and there’s no need for any fixing and repairs to do. I think all you need to do is just add some furniture to it to make it feel like it is a home. And within the subdivision, they have a pool and a playground as well.

And let’s take a look at the comps that we have here for other properties. Here we go!

This comps number two and lastly comps number four in here. 

There you have it. Now let’s go to the list so that we can compare our subject property to the comps that we have here. So if you noticed, the sold price for each of the properties on the comps were sold. For comps number one, it was sold for 370,000 comps and comps number two was sold for 475,000. And comps number three was sold for 303,000. Comps number four was sold for 350,000. All of them are above our list price. So there’s a lot of room that you can make money out of this property and please take a look at the specifics as well.

I think only comps number two has four bedrooms that is similar to ours. And I think our property is the only one that has a two story building. And based on lot size our property has a huge lot as well. Add to 2304.

So this is our subject property and to take a look at the investment summary once again, our property was listed for 251,000 and the estimated price is $364,449. That gives you a discount of 31% and an IQ discount as well in terms of dollars at hundred $13 I mean hundred $13,449 and we also have some least property within the area as well. 

And that gives you an average of 2270 team dollars for monthly lease. This is our Deal of the Day for San Antonio. Once again, the location is at 6918 Capella Cope, San Antonio, Texas 78252.

Happy deal finding! Have a great day! Goodbye!

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