September 25, 2020

Real Estate Deal of the Day San Antonio – September 25, 2020

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San Antonio Deal of the Day

639 Belmont, San Antonio, Texas, 78202

September 25, 2020

MLS Number: 1270962

Hi! Welcome to Real Estate IQ’s Deal of the Day for San Antonio Metro. Our deal today has an MLS Number 1270962. Once again the MLS number is 1270962.

The address for today will be at 639 Belmont, San Antonio, Texas, 78202. The current offer price for our deal today’s at $49,900, it’s worth about $207,332, list price per square foot is $36.48, and its estimated price per square foot is at $151.56.

We’re looking at a four bed, one bath, single residential property built in the year 1946. It has a square feet of 1368. The agent’s name is Dan Cook and you can also copy his phone number.

Based on the public remark, this four bedroom, 1 bathroom home is 10 minutes away from downtown San Antonio. Easy owner terms! Sold as is, priced accordingly. A great fixer upper opportunity.

So using Real Estate IQ’s fast CMA option, it will give us an investment summary of how much potential we can extract from this property. We have an offer price of $49,900, IQ discount of $157,432, and an ARV of $207,333.

Now, I know you guys are wondering how we come up with an ARV of 207,000 and an IQ discount of $157,432. So we’ve based them from the sold comps within a mile radius search from the Deal of the Day property.

So as you can see, the one in the star near Jefferson heights, that’s where the Deal of the Day is located. Using software, we can zoom in and check the neighborhood. If you zoom out, comps number two is far from the south. In the north, you can find comps number one, three, and four. They are just a few blocks away from our subject property.

Now, out of the four comps that we have, we can say that comps number 1 and 2 are the best comps since we’re choosing from apples to apples. So the one at the left is our deal today at 639 Belmont. You can see the price per square foot, how much is the offer price, and how many square feet we’re looking at. Our comps number 1 and 2 have prices per square foot of $152.39 and $150.72.

For comp number 1 it has been sold at $210,000, it took 112 days before it got sold. For comp number two, it was sold for about $187,500 and it took 10 days before it got sold in the market.

So this is our Deal of the Day brought to you by Real Estate IQ! Thank you!

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