September 28, 2020

Real Estate Deal of the Day Houston – September 28, 2020

Deal of the Day

Houston Deal of the Day

1002 Grassy View Drive, Houston, Texas, 77073

September 28, 2020

MLS Number: 33444662

Hi, everyone! Good morning and welcome to Real Estate IQ’s Deal of the Day! For today our Deal of the Day would be at 1002 Grassy View Drive, Houston, Texas, 77073. The MLS Number for our Deal of the Day is 33444662.

The current offer price for our deal for today is at $78,900, its estimated price is at $147,976, list price per square foot is at $55.88, and the estimated price per square foot is $104.80. So looking at this property, we’re looking at a very good discount percentage of 46.68% and has a gross discount or potential income of $69,076. And don’t forget that any rehab updates are not yet included.

We’re looking at a two bed, two bath, and 2 garage single family property, built in the year 2006 and has a square feet of 1412. So, with Real Estate IQ’s software, as you can see, it already has the details that you need for you to look up the property. If you don’t have an MLS, or a license yet, then this will be the best way for you to get this information.

Now, you would see the agent’s name which is Tracy Lee and her phone number at 832-631-6217. As you can see, it’s already 14 days in the market.

Now, I know you guys have a big question on how Real Estate IQ came up with this ARV or After Repair Value of $147,976 from the offer price or listing price of $78,900. With real estate IQ’s software, we were able to get the most recent comps in the last 150 days within a mile radius. And as you can see, we got 28 sold comps in our Deal of the Day or the subject property.

So, the one with the star is our subject property and we can also use the small guy to see the neighborhood.

We have a very good number of sold comps in the area. In our system, we have an algorithm that we use to find or choose the best five among the 28 sold comps with priority to property type, price per square foot, distance, and recency.

Then as you can see, the ones in blue are considered our best comps in the market. We have 145, so that means, this was sold 145 days ago. This one here was sold 53 days ago or in less than two months.

Comps number two and three were sold for more than six months or more than 250 days ago. So, we chose the best and the most current ones to help you provide critical data when you do your diligence in pursuing a property.

With the help of our system, it will show you the list prices and the sold prices that you can make a comparison with. For the ARV, it’s a summary or a combination of all the sold comps that are based on their price per square foot. So, we were able to determine that our subject property has a very good potential of $69,076. However, it does not include the cost for rehab yet.

Once again, our agent’s name is Tracy Lee and you can contact her at 832-631-6217 to schedule your booking if you like our Deal of the Day. Don’t forget to do your diligence when pursuing deals! Thank you for tuning in! Thank you and have a great day!

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