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Real Estate Deal of the Day Houston – October 26, 2020

Deal of the Day
Deal of the Day Houston


OCTOBER 26, 2020

MLS NO. 88873615

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Real Estate IQ’s Houston Deal of the Day!

Our subject property is located at 18023 Hollywell Drive, Houston, Texas 77084. The list price for this property is $212,000 with an estimated price of $241,324. The list price per square foot is at $75.04, and its estimated price per square foot is valued at $85.42.

This property with MLS No. 88873615 is a single residential unit built in 1978 with a square foot of 2800, and it has four beds, two baths and a powder room. This two-story traditional home has a large pool and fully fenced yard that sits on a large corner lot. Located in a peaceful neighborhood inside a subdivision, our subject property is also within proximity to schools, shopping and dining centers. 

For the comparables, we selected five best properties that are also located in the same subdivision. The first property is a single residential house built in 1988 with a square foot of 3100 and has four beds and two baths. Its list price is at $340,000 and its list price per square foot is $108.42.

The second comparable, also a single-residential property, was built in 1979 and has four beds and two baths, as well. It has a square foot of 2500. The price per square foot of this property is $102.36. Its list price is $265,000. 

The third property with a list price of $270,000 was built in 1984 in a 2500 square foot lot. Its list price per square foot is valued at $107.70.

The fourth property is a 3000 square foot single residential property that was built in 1987. It was listed at $103.45 per square foot and has a list price of $315,000.

Lastly, the fifth comparable was built in 1986 with a square foot of 2300. It has a list price of $269,000 with list price per square foot of  $112.51.

For the investment summary, the subject property is listed at $212,000 with a 12.15% discount from its estimated price of $241,324. It has a good rental index of 1.00 and has an estimated monthly lease of $2,118.

That’s all for our Deal of the Day. Thank you for tuning in and have a great deal-finding day! 

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