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Real Estate Deal of the Day Houston – December 3, 2020

Deal of the Day

Houston Deal of the Day

December 3, 2020

12215 Wild Pine Drive A Houston Texas 77039

MLS Number 41262613

Hello everyone! Welcome to Real Estate IQ’s Houston Deal of the Day! Our subject property is at 12215 Wild Pine Drive A, Houston, Texas, 77039. The list price of this property is $50,000. It has an estimated price of $62,154. The list  price per square foot of the property is $37.31 and the estimated price per square foot is $46.38. 

The subject property is a two-storey townhouse with two beds and two garages.  It was built in 1979 with a total square footage of 1,340. The MLS number of the property is 41262613. The property is near Pine Village North Subdivision and Johnson Elementary School. 

For the comparables, we selected three best comparables of the property. The first comp is at 12427 West Village Drive D. The property has a price per square foot of  $63.83. It is 0.24 miles away from our subject property and was sold at 85 days ago. The second property is at 12427 Village Drive A. It has a price per square foot of $45.80 and it is 0.25 miles away from our subject property. The third comp is at 12242 Village Drive. The price per square foot is $54.47. It is 0.13 miles away from our subject property and it was sold 108 days ago.

For the Investment summary, the estimated price of the property is $73,298. For an offer price of $50,000, you will get an IQ discount of $23,297 and an IQ discount percentage of 31.79%. If this property will be on a buy and hold, the monthly lease is $1,105 with a good rental index of 2.21. 

That’s all for our Deal of the Day. Thank you and have a great deal-finding day! 

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