December 10, 2020

Real Estate Deal of the Day Houston – December 10, 2020

Deal of the Day

Deal of the Day Houston 

December 10, 2020 

2605 Marilee Lane 2605-1 Houston Texas 77057 

MLS No. 74322584

Welcome everyone to Real Estate IQ’s Houston’s Deal of the Day!

Our subject property for today is located at 2605 Marilee Lane, 2605-1 Houston, Texas 77057. It was built in 1965, with a square feet of 924. 

The subject property is a single story with one bedroom, one bathroom, and no garage. This was listed in the MLS on January 14, 2020. It has a list price of $88,500 as well as a list price per square foot of $95.78. It also has an estimated price of $120,453 with an estimated price per square foot of $130.36. If you are interested in the property, the MLS number is 74322584. You can contact the MLS agent, Juan Mackrizz, through his phone number at 713-965-9642.

For the comparables, there are four best comps for this property selected by our system. First is at 2727 Briarhurst Drive 20. It is located 0.38 miles away from the property and was sold for $124,500. The second is located at 6402 Del Monte Drive 46. It is located 0.47 miles away from the property and was sold for $125,000. The third is at 2013 Winrock Boulevard 171. It is located 0.49 miles away from the property and was sold for $158,000. The fourth is located at 2822 Briarhurst Drive 56. It is located 0.42 miles away from the property and was sold for $122,500.

As for the investment summary, the property has an offer price of $88,500, and you can get a $31,953 IQ discount, which is a 26.53% discount rate compared to its estimated after repair value of $120,453. It also has a monthly lease price of $1,222 and a rental index of 1.38. That’s all for our 

That’s it for our Houston Deal of the Day. Thank you so much for tuning in and happy deal-hunting!

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