September 25, 2020

Real Estate Deal of the Day Austin – September 25, 2020

Austin Deal of the Day

555 5th Street 513 Austin, Texas, 78701

September 25, 2020

MLS Number: 9868579

Welcome everyone to Real Estate IQ’s Deal of the Day for the Austin Metro. Our deal for today is at 555 5th Street 513 Austin, Texas, 78701. The MLS number is 9868579.

The current list price for our deal today is at $589,999, its estimated price is $801,061, list price per square foot at $394.91, and its estimated price per square foot is $536.19. We’re looking at a very high gross discount of $211,062, with a discount percentage of 26.35%.

So we have a two bed, two bath, and two garage residential property built in the year 2004, with a square feet of 1494.

Using our software, you can see the agent’s name (Rick Orr) and his phone number. As you can see, this is also listed today in the MLS.

Alright! So as you can see her in the investment summary, you will see the offer price or the list price of the property at $589,999 and a whooping IQ discount of $211,062.

These are all based on all the sold comps in their neighborhood within a mile radius search from our deal today location. So we have 13 sold comps in the area.

Using our Real Estate IQ software, we found the best four comps because we’re choosing from apples to apples here. We need to use the best comps for our subject property. And let’s take a look with a comps that we have.

So we have comps number six, nine, 10 and 13. For comps number six, its price per square foot is $390.80. Very close to our subject property at $394.80. For comps number nine, its price per square foot is $493.26. For comps number 10, we have $515.18. And comps number 13 has a $775.51 price per square foot. You can also check the possible sold prices of our sold comps.

Going back to the investment summary page, again, we have the MLS number, the agent’s name, and phone number. And guys, do your diligence when you’re pursuing deals.

If you want more information you can ring us here at Real Estate IQ or send us an email. Thank you for tuning in and have a wonderful day!

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