September 23, 2020

Optimism and Opportunities: Unfolding the GOOD NEWS for Real Estate Investors

Optimism maintains our well-being, as it positively contributes to our mental and physical health. The first American study, which examined the subject respondents’ optimism in relation to a complete medical evaluation, supports this premise. The result revealed that a positive mindset is linked to longevity, and every 10-point increase in pessimism raises the mortality rate to 10%. This conclusion was supported by  recent studies, which demonstrated that people who have positive outlook in life produce lower levels of stress hormone cortisol, and have higher chances to overcome stressful scenarios caused by aging, employment problems, financial challenges, and other factors causing fears and anxiety to an individual.

Conquering the “negativity bias”

At present, the coronavirus pandemic has caused drastic changes in the economy. The unemployment rate becomes largely affected; the mobility of people is regulated by the imposition of lockdown measures; and the production of medical products such as facemasks and alcohol becomes highly in-demand. You can view this situation with either a positive or a negative perspective.

Professor Breuning of the California State University posited that survival depends on finding rewards and avoiding harm, but our mind takes priority in acknowledging the harms. This concept is termed as “negativity bias” which means that the human mind is wired to pay more attention to information that causes worries and discomfort to a person.

You can conquer the “negativity bias” by shifting your perspective to the other side- the optimistic and positive aspect of the situation. A Chinese proverb provides that “in every crisis, there is an opportunity”. Despite the widespread of the pandemic, there are remarkably positive things such as the silver lining effect of the carbon emission to the environment; the rise of demand for automation tools and technology; and the new chance to begin with investing in real estate.

Moving forward with SOME GOOD NEWS

Having good news is important to set the right mood and to help you move forward despite some obstacles that you may encounter. In real estate investing, taking risks is one of the tasks that investors commonly do in the ordinary course of business. If the center of your attention is in the bad news, you may miss the opportunities in your way.

In Real Estate IQ, the No. 1 in Deal-finding, we invite the experts in the field to discuss the current state of real estate investing. The panel will share SOME GOOD NEWS about their business or enterprise despite these challenging, yet exciting times. In addition, the online event “Some Good News”, offers discussion about the following topics:

  • Trends in real estate investing and the GOOD NEWS about it;
  • Various real estate investing strategies that you may explore;
  • The current market situation and how does it affect the business of the panel;
  • Book recommendations for investors; and
  • Interactive discussions during the question and answer part of the event.

It is high-time for you to shift your perspective to the positive and optimistic side. Aside from the fact that a positive mindset has great contributions to your body and mind, it may also be an avenue for you to invest and to grow with your business.

Investors must have a champion-mindset in every situation. You must not lose your motivation despite some challenging situations because in everything, there is always SOME GOOD NEWS that we may explore.

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