September 8, 2020

Online Networking is the Next Big Thing

In the real estate industry, success is all about positioning. Stay on top of market trends so we can position ourselves to take full advantage. Moreover, nurture online networking and build strong relationships.

Penetrating a certain industry takes a lot of time and perseverance let alone staying on top of your game. Real Estate IQ is of no exception to that rule. It underwent many trials and tribulations before it became a real estate industry leader that it is today. Dubbed as the #1 in Deal Finding, it positions itself to be a “Technology and Data Company that focuses on creating Work from Home Automated Systems for the Real Estate Investment Community”.

Our core values revolve around our goal to empower your journey to freedom and success by encapsulating three key values namely Growth Oriented, Champion mindset and Integrity. It is always about wanting to be better than we were yesterday. To be successful, one has to go through two parts; achieving and teamwork. It’s never going to be just about one person but the importance of team spirit.

Different people on the team have different strengths. That’s how we can truly complement and have a really high effectiveness and how we perform as a team.

Finally, its integrity which will give you the right to be in business for the long term. It’s all about having high ethical standards. There’s just no other way that you can last in any business without having a strong foundation of character and values.

Online Networking

Navigating a crowded room, scoping out people, striking meaningful conversations and giving out flyers used to characterize physical events before. Now, we have embraced a new chapter where new breakthroughs are getting ready to be discovered.

Online Networking is the process of creating building and nurturing virtual communities and relationships between people online. So everything is now basically shifted from face-to-face to online…from physical to virtual.

Online networking is a practical, inexpensive way to develop and cultivate business relationships online. It gives their members powerful tools for growing their businesses, finding jobs and collaboration among other things. Online networking also creates responsibilities for networkers. None of the obligations that come with traditional, face-to-face networking are eliminated online.

Working Out Loud

Working out loud is an approach or method to building relationships that can help you in some way. It’s a practice that combines conventional wisdom about relationships with modern ways to reach and engage people. When you work out loud, you feel good and empowered at the same time.

It involves collaboration in which employees form a virtual network and are encouraged to talk about their work and publish what they do. The goal is to allow others to communicate with them, respond to their work and learn from them, so that they can subsequently apply this knowledge to their own work.

Working Out Loud is an incredible way to build new relationships that can be valuable in many different ways, such as achieving a new goal, developing a new skill, or exploring a new topic. Although it can be said to have resemblance to traditional networking, rather than relying on new connections, WOL invests in existing relationships by making voluntary contributions. The results of this process will become apparent over time. After a period of time, the provided input creates a sense of trust and connectedness, which increases the chances for sustainable partnerships.

Author and speaker John Stepper explains the WOL approach based on five elements.

  1. Make work visible. The goal is to make work accessible through blog posts or videos so that people can easily search for it.

  2. Lead with generosity. Like all relationships, it is about giving and taking. Therefore make sure you also like other messages and respond to them.

  3. Build a social network. When people in a network discover useful and valuable information, this is a good incentive for building a mutually beneficial relationship.

  4. Make it purposeful. Given the infinite amount of contributing and connecting you can do, you need to make it purposeful in order to be effective

  5. Have a growth mindset. Adopting such a mindset means you’re more likely to try new things and to persist even when someone, for example, doesn’t respond to your contributions as you had hoped.

Keep yourself up-to-date about the trends and take opportunities to grow. Make learning a continuous journey by watching and joining our webinars at REIQ Events.

SPEAKER: Steve Liang is the co-founder and CEO of Real Estate IQ, the market leader in Real Estate Intelligence Augmentation. Steve is a national speaker, and he is on the real estate advisory board of North Lake College.

Steve also co-founded the Real Estate Deal Finders Meetup, which hosts over 20 monthly real estate networking and deal finding training in Texas. His goal is to help real estate entrepreneurs reach their potential and achieve more than they can imagine.

Steve enjoys learning and experimenting on new things, and he is a voracious reader. On his off days, Steve enjoys experiencing different cultures through traveling and food. He has spent most of his career practicing leadership, management, marketing, strategy, and execution.

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