October 9, 2020

Locks and Keys : Decoding the Phases of Business Operating System

“By focusing on your core business processes, you will be ready to start a good business system, to manage and grow the company, and scale up properly.”
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Gary Harper
CEO of Sharper Business Solutions

Have you ever wondered why there is a need to decode matters beyond our knowledge? Why can’t we just settle on the concepts we already understand?

The New York Times bestselling author Dan Brown elucidates in his novel, “Da Vinci Code” the mystery of discovering codes, and why putting the missing pieces together leads to new breakthroughs. When the mysteries of the puzzle were deciphered, the solution had bridged the gap between the questions of the past and the uncertainties of the present. Moreover, the enlightenment of solving the codes paved the way to another milestone in the history of mankind.

Even beyond the fiction, decoding is a significant aspect of life, starting from the moment of one’s childhood. Decoding is one of the forms of learning in order to teach children the skill of blending sounds together and segmenting these impressions into words. It is the primary step to learn reading and to understand the basics of letter to sound relationship. When a child starts to master decoding, the next step of learning how to read becomes achievable; which brings the young mind to new forms of knowledge and wisdom.

As with the values enshrined both in the artistry of the novel and in childhood reality, decoding plays a key role in real estate investing. The real estate profession is filled with stories of challenges and opportunities that account to the day to day adventures of real estate investors. Same with other businesses, victory in real estate investing does not happen in a snap of a finger, and it requires a champion mindset in order to attain the summit of success. However, there are a lot of avenues where you can shift your game plan from working hard to working smart. If you will master the integral elements of your business, you can definitely establish the right processes which can continuously work even with just your minimal supervision. 

While the notion of “working smart” is an exciting concept for your business, you need to learn about the different strategies involved and properly apply these approaches to your real estate investing blueprint. Allowing business operations to steer without your hundred percent control is bothersome, because you may always think of the possible problems that may arise out of the situation. However, making your business dependent on you is laborious and consuming because you have to dedicate substantial time and effort to run the processes on your own. If you encountered these problems, our community is here to help you. There is no single and absolute formula for success, but there are various ways to set your pace on achieving financial freedom.

The Sharp Solution: Decoding the Phases of Business Operating System

Business operating system is a combined arts and sciences because you need to be creative, innovative and systematic in dealing with corporate management. Encountering challenges in your operations is inevitable for novice and experienced investors alike; that is why there is a pressing imperative to dig deeper in decoding the phases of a business system. When you understand the dos and don’ts of the processes, you can easily crack the code in solving common but integral challenges such as getting stuck in progress, maintaining and mentoring people, fixing deteriorated communications and placing anew each business procedure together in harmony.

Scaling your business to the next level with Gary Harper- A man of knowledge and wisdom

On October 17, 2020, Real Estate IQ invites you to crack the code in reformatting the stumbling blocks of your business and in applying the most appropriate strategies for your business operating system. In our 1st Annual Investor Summit, guest speakers and professionals who carved the biggest names in the real estate industry are ready to bring you informative and interactive discussions on the latest strategies and developments in the real estate domain.

One of the reputable speakers,  Gary Harper, will take the lead as we decipher the code in understanding significant corners, details and particulars of business operating systems. He is the CEO of the Sharper Business Solutions and dedicated 16 years as an executive in a Fortune 500 company, where he acquired expertise in handling corporate processes, evaluating business operation expenses, and in assisting professionals to arrive at

Business Operating System

sharp solutions through developing efficient systems and procedures. His vision mainly includes helping real estate investors to scale their businesses and investing experience to the next level and achieve greater heights.

Deciding to crack the code NOW

If you are getting tired of the recurring business problems you are encountering each day, you are just a step away in rising above these obstacles. The solution starts with learning the right strategies, and the next step is applying your knowledge in practice. We are inviting you to start executing the first step of learning the processes with us. We believe in the values of  growing in business by acquiring and mastering skills together.

Deciphering the formula of a business operating system does not happen in a blink of an eye. You need to observe properly, explore strategies, and give your best efforts to bring the pieces of the puzzle together. The adversities encompassing the world of real estate investing are full of sidelights and little bumps on the road. These twists and turns are like locks and keys to many doors inside a huge house; you wont get to enjoy the thrill unless you learn to take risks and accept the challenges. 

It requires commitment and dedication to solve a myriad of problems. But just like what Robert Langdon did in discovering the code in that controversial novel and what a child prevails upon to learn the skill of reading, daring to crack the code will always be a risk worth-taking. Scale up your business to the next level, sign up now!

“Learning never exhausts the mind. Seek the truth...break the code...become a master.”

Leonardo Da Vinci