November 17, 2020

Is Real Estate Fatigue A Real Thing? Let’s Shift Your Perspective!

One thing is for sure, the real estate industry never sleeps. Both seasoned and new real estate investors in the field must always think on their feet. Having the grasp of both specific and general knowledge of what the real estate industry offers can lead to what we call “Real estate Fatigue.”

What’s this “Real estate Fatigue,” you may ask? Simply put, it’s when you would have to go back to the drawing board and ask yourself, “Why am I here?”. A question that initiated our endeavor and the same problem we use to power through every day. 

Before we tackle the diagnosis of this said phenomenon, we would need to pinpoint the symptoms first. They are the following:

  • Your drive to pursue and succeed in the real estate industry
  • Your enthusiasm to make the sale or to at least persevere through the struggle
  • That feeling of stress just won’t go away.

These symptoms are a clear indicator that you are experiencing the fatigue which the business has brought upon you. This is why we need you to go back to your “Why’s” in pursuing the career. Of course, we are here to help you rid of this fatigue and get yourself back on track. 

Here are the necessary steps you can take to eliminate “Real Estate Fatigue.”

#1 Identify and Acknowledge That You Are In A State Of Real Estate Fatigue (REF)

What part of the business is stressing you out? Know what makes you feel uncomfortable and work your way around it. People fail to see that they feel uneasy and no longer happy with what they are doing. 

This is one of the leading indicators that you are already experiencing REF. Acknowledging the fact that you are in such a state will aid in getting the resolution. Bypassing the said state will lead and result in you giving up on your dreams, and we wouldn’t want that.

#2 Appreciate Small Wins

Real Estate Fatigue

As a real estate investor, you will not become the money machine you see on webinars and social media platforms unless you put in the dirty work. No one is successful overnight, and the same goes for the real estate industry.

In the state of REF, you overlook small wins because you are blinded to achieving more. Failure in the real estate industry makes you think that maybe you aren’t doing the right thing. Small victories are still indicators of success, appreciate and cherish these wins because it will eventually lead to your big break.

#3 Set Boundaries

It would be evident in the real estate market that you will be interacting and building a network with different clients. It would be healthy to ensure that they are taken care of and maintain your relationship through effective communication. 

The cause of REF would be when you forget to set boundaries. Wherein clients take over your life without you knowing it. Ensure that your clients know when they can contact you and how they can do business with you. Do not let the clients control your business. As a real estate investor, you are in total control. Work at your pace, not theirs.

#4 Time Management

Real Estate Fatigue

Concerning how you set boundaries with your clients, time management is crucial for real estate investors. With the rising need and lack of demand in the market, you must manage your time wisely.

REF can get the best of you, especially when you aren’t taking your tasks and projects into consideration to your bandwidth and capabilities. Biting off more than you can lead to mismanagement and, of course, direct to your failure.

#5 Take A Break, It’s Ok

Real estate investors, especially the ones new to the business, believe that they can do it all and that resting will showcase weakness. This is entirely false information because it’s the exact opposite. Once you forget to at least take a break and REF kicks in, it’s assumed that you would burn out and give in.

Your Mental and Physical health still matters in the variety of properties you plan to invest in. It doesn’t mean that the real estate industry is any different. Consider taking a break once in a while and regroup. Rest assured that your mind would be in a more precise and surreal state, assisting you in achieving more.

#6 Nourish Your Hunger For Knowledge

Real Estate Fatigue

As a real estate investor, learning never stops. The only person that would limit your hunger for knowledge would be yourself. Consider taking courses that will further aid in your success. REF can push you to your limits, wherein you think that this is the end. It’s not, so get yourself back out there and strive for greatness.

We give up or feel tired because we are no longer inspired to pursue what we are currently doing. We lost the fire, and we aren’t excited to do more. Nourishing your hunger for knowledge will get you back on track.

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These steps to eliminate your “Real Estate Fatigue” are just suggestions that have worked wonders for us. Do consider that you may have your method and best practice to rid these stress indicators. We want you to remember that in this industry where change is the only thing constant, do not give in. REF is just a phase that anyone can easily overcome. Let’s achieve our goals and dreams in the real estate industry together.

Excerpts: REF is just a phase that anyone can easily overcome, let’s achieve our goals and dreams in the real estate industry together. Your Mental and Physical health still matters in any business that you plan to invest in, it doesn’t mean that the real estate industry is any different. 

Credit: Steve Liang is the Co-founder and CEO of Real Estate IQ. He is a  national speaker and a member of the Real Estate Advisory Board of North Lake College. Some of his achievements include being the REIQ’s Market Leader in Real Estate Intelligence Augmentation; co-founder of Real Estate Deal Finders Meetup, which hosts over 20 monthly real estate networking and deal-finding training in Texas; and a goal-setter and motivational speaker that helps entrepreneurs to unleash their potential and achieve their goals. Steve has spent most of his career practicing leadership, management, marketing, and strategy execution.

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