January 20, 2021

If The Price Is Right! : Scoring a Worthwhile Real Estate Offer in the Age of Personalized Marketing

A growing number of buyers love to see a personal touch of an item they purchase. From small products such as personalized tumbler, notebook, pens, and shirts to big properties such as cars and houses, the trend for a customized scent becomes the new savor of the market. A report conducted by Deloitte concluded that 36% of consumers are expecting personalized products and services. This report also stated that consumers are willing to pay a 20% premium for a customized product. True enough, the increasing demand for personalization cannot be ignored by business entrepreneurs. 

Knowing more about Personalization 

Personalization is the act of specifically designing and making a product or performing services based on an individual’s preferences and requirements. Same with other businesses, personalization becomes significant in real estate investing as more people demand a deeper and more intimate connection with their property. The growing count of clients, specially the millennials, are looking for house customization, and this demand is starting to dominate the real estate market. 

The next stage to personalization involves asking the right questions and getting the needed information of the prospective buyers. These pieces of information can help you leverage your real estate business in providing a personalized experience to potential buyers. The sincerity of giving an exclusive product or services to buyers is a pressing challenge to real estate investors. The good news is; there are always ways to win over these hurdles. 

Taking the initial step- Understanding what the buyer needs 

Each potential buyer has unique and distinct experiences from one another. The vast number of possible buyers may include young professionals, married couples, or a family. Due to the variety of people who can have a deal with you, it is important to understand the needs which are essential to them. For example, a family may be more interested when you offer a spacious, residential property. On the other hand, millennial buyers are more inclined to buy smart homes. The personal preferences, status, and circumstances of potential buyers are necessary for you to make the right and best offer. 

Continuing the journey- Learning, Researching and Data Gathering 

Personalization requires the skills of using relevant information, details, and data to give the potential buyers a customized experience and meet their expectations. For this reason, you need to invest in tools that may help you to quickly organize your file of data information and list of leads. The advent of technology makes this task possible with a click of a finger. You do not have to do every task physically because there are a lot of automation tools that can help you work in a more efficient way.

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Moving forward to the long-term goals- Boosting your marketing campaign 

The trend for personalization continues to rise, that is why the action plan of real estate investors in winning the best deals must also be consistent and done on a regular basis. One of the excellent ways to achieve bigger goals is to boost your marketing campaign.

Leveraging your marketing can be accomplished in various ways such as strengthening your social media presence, establishing a brand name, sending emails and giving postcards. However, the common denominator for these strategies is the need to establish a deeper relationship with your potential client. Creating a better connection with your buyer opens an avenue for them to trust you as a real estate investor. In this way, you can easily understand their concerns and explain how your products or services may help them solve their problems. 


The age of technology and digitalization enables buyers to access and garner more ideas about their dream home. New flavors of automation tools come into the real estate investing fields such as 3D images, virtual tours, and detailed photos to satisfy this taste.

As you offer the deal for potential buyers, mixing the right ingredients of understanding their needs, data gathering, and boosting your marketing campaign are all necessary to make the perfect dish- which is giving the best-personalized experience for your buyers. 



Disclaimer: The blog articles are intended for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing in the content is intended as legal or financial advice.