September 16, 2020

How to Run Real Estate Comps in 3 Quick Steps

The value of every property is relative depending on its condition, surrounding circumstances and location. It is affected by various factors such as the type or the property, date of establishment, construction type, foundation and lot description. These variables help the investors to determine  a market-competitive price that is so important for  negotiating to buy and sell the subject property. 

Here are the steps on how to run real estate comps:

Step 1: Research

You can search for recently-sold properties in listings as a basis for doing your comps. There are available listing sites such as and Zillow that can  help you look for  property comparables. You can also locate deals and other comparable properties using web mapping services. After researching, you can filter your results based on your desired statistics and needed information.

Step 2: Use computer vision and automation tools

Since the industrial revolution, technology has created a huge impact in modernization and development. This is also true in real estate investing, as property assessment can now be done faster by using artificial intelligence. There are applications such as Redfin and that will help you to get a score-based analysis. However, your deal-finding experience can be done better if you will compliment these applications with the right automation tools. 

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Step 3: Make a Property Valuation

After doing research and using automation tools, the next step that you must do is to compile and collate the information you get in the comps. The differences and similarities of the comps must be correctly assessed to arrive at a concise property valuation. 

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