November 24, 2020

How To Make Your First Million In The Real Estate Industry

The majority of people today have considered investing in the real estate industry because it thrives in today’s market. How so, you may ask? If you haven’t noticed, the plunge in interest rates has provided an opportunity for real estate investors and property owners to refinance their mortgages. 

Commercial spaces and Residential homes are ramping and in need of occupancy. Mobile Homes and Middle housing are slowly becoming a trend worth investing in. The real estate market is showcasing an inviting arena wherein you can start your business; all you have to do is take that leap of faith.

Real Estate Industry

With all that being said, let’s talk about why you would want to invest in the real estate market as a real estate investor. The truth is, you know that the market and overall business itself can generate and funnel a considerable amount of wealth. It’s because the industry will sell properties at lower and affordable prices; however, it still would come at six to five-digit figures. Crunching the numbers right, with an initial investment that will provide a hefty return after calculations and costs are deducted, the end goal is earning profit. 

That may be pretty vague to comprehend; let’s try to put it in figures and showcase a menial computation of what investing in properties would look like. Let’s imagine a property worth $500,000. After careful research, you have calculated that an additional $100,000 can be added as commission since it is within a neighborhood and community that enjoys numerous amenities. You then hired a professional real estate appraiser to check on the value of the property over time. After careful calculations and proper assumptions, there is an added asset value of $300,000 after ten years. 

Doing the math right, you are guaranteed an additional $400,000 after investment and within the short amount of time, which is ten years, probably the time that you pay off your mortgage to claim the property and not to mention the added interest should you refinance the property and stay for another 15 to 20 years. These are just abrupt numbers and examples that could happen should you invest; this means that there is a cumulative rise in investment and profit in the real estate industry. You just have to do the work and calculations to gain such.

Always remember that success and earning the figures you hope and dream of can’t be done just sitting around. We have to put in the necessary effort and perseverance to achieve what we want.

Given the overall idea of how you can earn in the real estate industry as a real estate investor, there are steps that you can take or tips that can assist you as you embark on this journey. Let us provide you with a brief idea of what course of action can be used as an assistive platform to get to where you want to be.

Get Ready To Do The Dirty Work

Real Estate Industry

As a new real estate investor, nothing is more impactful than purchasing your first property to work with. You can split your earnings with an esteemed real estate investor, or you could take courses and learn how to do it on your own. With all honesty, taking advice from professionals will be helpful. However, having them split your earnings isn’t your best bet.

You wanted to start investing in the real estate industry because you wanted to generate a profit. Once you start, you can’t afford the leniency of building a team. You are supposed to start on your own, experience failures or success, and work your way up from there. One of the critical components or pivotal factors as to why real estate investors are successful enough to hire teams is because they did the dirty work all on their own first.

The best teacher in today’s society is EXPERIENCE. The moment you have gone through hurdles and challenges experienced that sweet taste of small wins; you will surely progress. And once that clicks and follows through, you can focus on expansion. However, be ready to get those hands dirty.

Move On

Once you have sold your first property, make sure to move on to the next one. As real estate investors, well, new real estate investors in the industry, we hang on to our first sale and act like it’s the last one. To gain or start earning your first million, you must be thinking leaps and bounds ahead of your current status. Settling for the only sale you made for more than a year will not get you anywhere.

Make sure to move on and start working on your next project, generating the figures you hope and dream of being done through a selection of sales and an immense amount of growth. If you choose to ponder what you have already achieved, you don’t attain that million you have hoped and dreamed of.

If It Works The First Time, Try It Once More

Another mistake that real estate investors commit is changing right away. For the ones that have just started their journey in the business, they believe changing their approach right after a successful deployment will guarantee their next sale. It isn’t entirely true. If a method works, then you may try to do it all over again. Once it fails and is forced to close a deal, that’s when you can reconsider testing a different approach.

Taxes Aren’t Always A Bad Thing

Real Estate Industry

Tax benefits are enjoyed by homeowners who have claimed the property for a minimum of 2 years. They must, however, reside in the said property for the said years before claiming it. Selling a property after every two years with a tax-exempt is not an entirely bad idea. This method of getting exempted from taxes can also boost in helping you achieve your first million. Of course, you will not solely rely on this form of income generation, you can purchase several properties that will not use this privilege or you can maximize rentals.

No matter what steps, tips, and tricks you plan to apply in making your first million, they will all be vital to your success. The only thing you need to remember to achieve such success, to become that millionaire that you aspire to be. Is never to give up! Failure is inevitable; however, failure is not the end. Your mindset, your hunger to achieve, your goals, hopes, and dreams. All of this comes from one source and one source alone, YOU! If you ask us the best secret or tip that can guarantee your first million, it’s YOUR HUNGER TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE.

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