September 25, 2020

Connecting Deals in Your Fingertips: How to Locate Deals with Google Maps

“A map tells you where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going — in a sense it’s three tenses in one.”

– Peter Greenaway

Automation technology has played a huge role in real estate investing. From marketing your business up to winning sales, computer vision and artificial intelligence make you achieve your tasks in easier and faster ways. 

One of the duties in which automation technology creates a positive impact is the use of web mapping services such as Google Maps. You may have used Google Maps when looking for a specific location, parking your cars, or going to a particular place. In addition to these functions, you can also use Google Maps to leverage your real estate business. Here is how Google Maps can help you in connecting and locating deals: 

Optimize your business listings

A location-based strategy is a good way to improve your marketing techniques. Potential customers can easily find your business and the location of the subject property through maps. It will also strengthen your virtual presence and your business brand or identity. 

Use the right automation tools

You do not need to physically visit every lead that you have to win the best deals. There are available automation tools to help you accomplish these tasks in your fingertips. 

In Real Estate IQ, we can provide you with 45,000+ leads every month. Feel free to check our Deal Finding Suite where we offer a list of motivated and distressed sellers.

Use the right automation tools

After equipping yourself with the right automation tool, you can now leverage your real estate business by harmonizing deal-finding suite and Google Maps. To illustrate, you may get the location of the leads in pre-foreclosure data and locate it with Google Maps. 

You may access the webinar tutorial on how to do it by clicking here

You may learn more about the latest technological trends in real estate investing by watching our virtual events Geeks and Nerds in Real Estate

With the help of automation technology, you can now work smarter and way faster than before. You must utilize the available tools, learn more digital strategies and connect deals in your fingertips 


Joseph Dela Cruz has a background in Mechatronics Engineering and started his career in the high-tech industry in Austin, focusing on computer vision while becoming involved in the growing DIY/ maker and startup culture. His achievement includes bringing innovation in Real Estate IQ by combining technology, big data, and real estate; managing the Data Operations and Engineering team; and REIQ’S Austin & San Antonio Market Leader

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