September 4, 2020

How to Grow in Business? “Think Big, Act Now”

Guide discussions on Chapter 1 of the Book “What it takes: Lessons in the pursuit of Excellence” by Stephen Schwarzman

In this blog, let us explore the ideas of a successful business icon Stephen Schwarzman in getting started and growing in business. As a successful CEO of the Blackstone company, his experience and wisdom in business inspires both new and experienced investors to expand their businesses. 

The book hub panelists Brent Mott, Michael Gefteas, Jon Yu and Joseph Dela Cruz, all accomplished real estate investors, share their views regarding the  book “What it takes: Lessons in the pursuit of Excellence”.  In relation to this book, here are the synthesis elicited from the guide discussions as regards to the tips on how to grow in business:

Go outside your comfort zone

Your comfort zone includes the things that you are well-capable of doing. Within this zone, your strengths and assets are already highlighted and emphasized. However, growing in business does not only include doing strengths but also require improving your weaknesses. 

When you always do things that you already know, you may miss the chance to explore and grow with other areas for improvement. As a real estate investor, it is advisable to be comfortable of being uncomfortable. When you are uncomfortable doing a task, it means that you are trying something new, and exploring undertakings means you are choosing new paths to grow.

Give yourself a push to learn new things

You must know your priorities and push yourself in reaching these objectives.You can accomplish your assigned tasks by training yourself constantly and by maintaining a champion mindset. 

Aside from your goals, you must also have the excitement to learn new things. Despite having a busy schedule, do not lose your curiosity in discovering strategies and apply those learnings to your goals. See our training and webinars and let us grow together!

Appreciate obstacles as opportunities – Act NOW!

When some matters start to get heavy for reasons outside your control, do not make it as your valid excuse to stop in pursuing your goals. In the present situation where the international community is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, most people started to lose hope due to worries and uncertainties. However, there is opportunity in every adversity. Some traits you can adopt to face challenging times are as follows:

  • Self Confidence to rise over the situation
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Maintain emotional stability under pressure
  • Work with integrity

Strive for excellence

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About the author:
Stephen Schwarzman is the CEO and co-founder of Blackstone. He is a philanthropist who founded the Schwarzman Scholars.
Providing us with the reading insights are experienced investors Brent Mott, Michael Gefteas, Jon Yu and Joseph Dela Cruz.

The blog articles are intended for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing in the content is intended as legal or financial advice.