February 28, 2023

How to build confidence and resilience as an investor

Karishma Makhani is a Success Coach, an investor, and a Real Estate IQ sponsor. Her passion is to help investors get unstuck, build momentum and crush their business goals with more confidence and purpose.   

In Real Estate IQ, we help one more person to win, and today we bring you a valuable piece of advice for you to believe in your capability as an investor, building the confidence you need to succeed.  


You can ask yourself the following questions to trace your path and understand how you can build your best version as an investor:  

  1. Why are you here? 
  1. What do you want to do? 
  1. How will you know you have it? 
  1. Make it so big so that when you have it, this will be the most important training you have ever attended 

Focusing on specific ways to increase confidence and learn techniques to get unstuck regarding your business will be the key to trace a successful path. 

Growth starts by recognizing the comfort zone: any area of life where it feels like not being satisfied, reflects your comfort zone, because it keeps you safe, secure and in control, with a low risk.  

Some people may say that staying safe is quiet, even pleasant, but… what keeps us from getting out of the comfort zone into thriving? Fear.  

Very often, we keep finding excuses as to why we can’t accomplish certain things. It also means we’re afraid of rejection, of being affected by other people’s opinions. It means we lack confidence and are playing small because everybody else expects us to do so. However, there is always an exit door closer than we expect. Tools, resources and support are always there for us to find them to get out of that fear, starting to move into the learning zone.  

Consequently, the learning zone shows how to face those challenges, going from just seeing problems to solving mode. By learning to acquire new skills that are really instrumental, comes the realization that what is outside of the comfort zone eventually becomes the new comfort zone, and the challenge is finding ourselves expanding: from learning to growing. 

According to Tony Robins, if you’re not growing, you’re dying; meaning that getting to the growth zone requires conquering those objectives that were set forth for ourselves and creating new goals, in order to find our purpose and living it.  

Thus, every time you meet a new goal, it’s important to set new goals for yourself, allowing yourself to grow even more. And there are two reasons why people don’t meet their goals: first, when there is lack of focus, and the second, is accountability. Having focus and accountability makes easier to create those goals, to start thriving to keep growing; because stagnation is not acceptable. 


The most important aspect that distinguishes successful people is confidence, and it is an inside job. The mindset is essential and it’s all about the way we say everything, instead of just saying; it’s how we show up while we’re saying it.  

Furthermore, it really embraces the sales world because as entrepreneurs, the work is about a transfer of emotion, confidence, of certainty. And confidence is an inside job because no one is born with it, may each person cultivate and nurture their own confidence as a skill.  

Coach Karishma proposes an exercise: close your eyes and imagine yourself a year from now: What do you see? How do you feel? What do you hear? What does it feel like to be you? 

Imagine your life and your business a year from now. What are you doing for fun? How are you feeling as you’re showing up as this future version of yourself that is within you? Feel empowered like you’ve already attained all the things that you wanted, living that life of financial freedom. Take that picture of you in your mind and make it even bigger, as bright as possible. How do you feel knowing that you met that goal? Imagine that feeling and make it 10 times bigger.  

And as you keep your eyes closed, ask yourself: what needs to happen in order for you to become that version of you? What steps do you need to take? What do you need to believe, to feel and to do? Everything that you need is already within you. Write down any learnings from this situation. It’s all about joy and purpose, because you already have what it takes. We already have the tools to be successful, sometimes we’re just not sure how we get there. 

Embody that confident you: it’s all about consistency, creating habits every single day to start embodying confidence inside out on a really deep level.  

“We are not what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle