November 12, 2020

House of Style: Home Fashion and Design Trends for 2021

House Decor A La Mode


And a wise real estate investor once said, ‘Value is in the eye of the beholder’ and it holds true especially in the field of home designs. Ideas about decor, style, and layout on any property are volatile and can change on a whim. Although these are literally ‘superficial’ aspects and holds no accountability in home valuation, they play a crucial role in how buyers, sellers, and other investors evaluate and consider a property listing. Consequentially, some of the most effective and successful real estate professionals are those who can identify trends in listings and can utilize these data to make concrete and sound recommendations for their clients who are on the precipice of a significant purchase decision.

From ‘Pumpkin Spice Decor’ to Grand Millenial’s: Return of the Floral Wallpaper, home styles must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be interesting enough to capture a buyer’s attention and can sustain it well enough to reach a sale. 

Pass with the passe, in with the new 

Anne Carr, an L.A. based home stager and interior designer, shares her professional take and ideas for home styles that attract buyers.

Styling trends have long developed from the impersonal hotel-type design that doesn’t really fit most people’s lifestyles daily. Metallic accents and furnishings that make a room look cold are dated, so it’s essential to give every space a more personalized touch, look, and feel. Mainly, aesthetics is the top priority in arranging a room, followed only by its functionality and practicality. As with how everything should be, a good room layout is all about harmony and balance.

Style catches attention, and visual surprises keep it going

A pop of color that blends well with the right patterns makes a big difference that can either make buyers stay or go away. Substantially, style might catch attention. However, the details will keep that attention going. As the world moves forward to these uncertain times, people should be more mindful in making economic and practical decisions.  ‘In Southern California, the look doesn’t really change that much from season to season. However, we tend to use more subdued colors in fall and winter,’ explained Anna when asked if she changes house designs for different seasons? ‘We may add a chunky throw and more organic materials to add texture to the design. Summertime is always a happy time, so we try to throw in some bright colors in our design, especially in the outdoors.’

The AB&C of house staging


House staging or the process of preparing a house for sale is best described in 3 letters, A, B, & C.

A for adorable,
B is for beautiful,
C is for cute and full of charm.

Mainly banking on the visual aspect of a property, Anna raised two reasons why house staging is essential. ‘Firstly, most people cannot see beyond what is in front of them. They get caught up in past perceptions, so you need to show them what is possible. Sometimes rooms are awkward, and you need to show people how space can be best utilized. Secondly, some people aren’t very good at space planning. Rooms tend to feel a lot smaller without furniture, so how we place furniture gives buyers a sample of what is possible.’

Eye-catching accents make the big, tiny difference as well as the in-between

The first step into making potential buyers reach their full potential into becoming paying customers to start from the time they set foot in a property up to when they bid you goodbye is paired with a cheerful smile. ‘You want potential buyers to remember a property from the moment they step through the front door. Think beyond just furnishings and décor and present a lifestyle that they can envision—all through memorable, engaging home accents,’ Patti Stern of PJ & Company Staging and Interior Decorating stated in an article she wrote.

While versatility and accent are the two main ingredients of a gorgeous design, a pop of color that makes a statement should be made tastefully. It creates a focal point that will draw potential buyers into the target space or area.

A rule of thumb in design settings for residential properties should tap the emotions of the buyers. Coordinating accents should consider a variety of elements: texture, personality, lifestyle, and of course, style.

House Style 101

Every house has a style; sometimes, it has two or more. Due to renovations, eclectic mixes, and repairs, fitting a home into a specific design category is a feat even experts will find daunting or even… impossible. Thankfully, a team of seasoned realtors and real estate experts compiled. Here are some of the most notable residential styles and structural elements that can instantly make you a pseudo ‘house design whiz.

1.) Federal Style, House of the Reawakening Culture – A style that emerged resembles Georgian but is more delicate and formal. House that is often called ‘Adam’ after the English brothers who popularized the style.

3.) Victorian – Advancement Era in House Designs Dating from the second half of the 19th Century, America explored new approaches to building and design trends.

2.) Second Empire – fashionable for public buildings during the Ulysses presidency.

4.) Bungalow – House During the Great Depression Bungalows have low-pitched gabled or hipped roofs and small covered porches at the entry. Originated from India, where it indicated a small thatched home.

5.) Stick – A member of the Victorian family—gabled, steeply pitched roofs with overhangs

Design trends that attract buyers


While real estate agents know how challenging it is to find a home that ticks all of their client’s boxes, as new fad comes and goes yearly, it’s best to be a part of a growing community that makes finding great deals easier. Join the REIQ community now. From European-inspired designs to floor-to-ceiling french windows, we keep each other in-the-know.

Mandatory due to its importance, there are still a handful of features that continue to attract buyers, some of which people deem are absolute musts in property designs.

Laundry Rooms

Taking a trip to the laundromat is a chore that most people find tedious. According to Real Estate Express, having a washer and dryer hook-up is not enough these days. Research data shows that roughly 72% of second-time homebuyers find it value-adding if a property comes equipped with its laundry room. More than washing clothes, it’s a space that separates clutter from the rest of the entire house. An area that reduces mess overall. It can also be used as a storage space.

Eco-friendly Capabilities

As sustainability becomes more apparent in buyers, the past few years have seen an influx of requests from energy-efficient gadgets to reclaimed wood floors. With its environmental benefits and cost efficiency, eco-friendly houses have been a growing trend for house designs today.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor fun has always been a thing ever since people learned how to bump ‘n grind. Considered as vital components in home designs, decks and patios are so ‘in’ in today’s home designs. In most cases, people crave an indoor-outdoor option, space where getting the outside feel is as easy as pushing a door and moving seamlessly between them.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island is an excellent idea for a more efficient kitchen space. It is still the centerpiece of many open-kitchens. It functions as an extra countertop and cabinet space that many homeowners desire. Similarly, it is also great for buffet and appetizers. Needless to say, buyers see islands as a huge bonus, so they’re here to stay.

Functionality in-home designs are here to stay

More than its visual appeal and captivating aesthetic, home buyers and real estate investors want a residential space that also ‘works’ for them. Key highlights like walk-in closets and rainfall showerheads fall into deluxe bonuses, not features that people would need on a daily basis.

A home that improves its occupants quality of life with its space efficiency, sustainability, and practicability, with its ability to captivate all senses more than the sense of sight, makes for a more valuable and profitable property in the long run. Check out REIQ’s marketplace for the best deals in the real estate market. As trends have a specific shelf life and what’s ‘in’ today may be ‘out’ by tomorrow, it’s best to choose designs that are timeless in style, sturdy in design, and makes you feel warm, comfortable, and at home. 

Disclaimer: The blog articles are intended for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing in the content is intended as legal or financial advice.