October 14, 2020

Happily Ever After: Building Your Business Castle through Real Estate License

“Be a builder and a creator. Believe in doing everything you can and use it for scale, efficiency and time freedom.”

Amy Ransdell
Real Estate Investor, Broker, Speaker and CEO

“Once upon a time, in a land far far away…”a line so classic that it reverberates throughout our olden  days. 

Real Estate License

Childhood memories are always part of our older self because the present being is a product of our past experiences. Worth-remembering are the days when the child in us is fascinated by the stories of kings and queens. The narrative of the castle encapsulates various emotions in the mind and memory of the youngsters. Fairytales and empires showcase the excitement of warriors fighting for their kingdom. The climax of good deeds overpowering the tragic spell of the antagonist, not to mention the sprinkle of love story of two souls sharing an ending of a happily ever after make a very interesting magical plot line. 

The flavors of the sweet stories go beyond the fiction, in fact, most of the lessons in a children’s fairytale book exist in our day-to-day lives. In reality, we are building the castle of our  life, and each day, we have the chance to be an author of our own story. Each building block we put in our palace is significant to create a harmonious whole. The foundation and core will serve as the starting point for the establishment of our daydream tower. 

As we enter the world of professionals, the meaning of our treasured tales grow in different horizons. Our perspectives are no longer limited in the idea of absolutes,but we are learning how to appreciate the colors of each obstacle. We are seeking opportunities in crisis, just like how the main characters of our favorite fairytale managed to save the world after conquering a tragic event. This notion becomes our trend as we move forward in our professional career. 

On October 17, 2020, Real Estate IQ invites you to build a castle with us in our 1st Annual Investor Summit, where we can celebrate a virtual exchange of magical ideas and translate our dreams into real life experiences In this event, exchange of views for both theoretical and practical applications of relevant trends in real estate investing will be discussed by selected experts from the field. The empire of the royal club will be filled with exciting topics about strategies and tips you may use in showering new hue in your enchanted tower. 

Building a Business Castle through Real Estate License 

Real estate investing is a  minefield of precious chances and golden opportunities. One of the pillars in investing you may explore is getting a real estate license for your business. A license is like a crown you may wear as you package your real estate business or services in the midst of intense competition. It adds sparkle to your credibility and helps you establish a stronger brand name. 

A real estate license takes your business to the next level and  gives you more access to the best deals. As you become the first point of contact of a potential client, you may encounter possible deals with high potential investments. You may also be on top of the competition by knowing information ahead of the other investors. 

Jewels of advice from expert Amy Ransdell

Real Estate License

As we design our castle to reach the summit of success, notable expert Amy Randsell will guide as in building its necessary foundation. She is an active real estate investor, execution and transformation coach, investment strategist, licensed real estate broker, brokerage owner, speaker, and marketing lead for multiple companies. For over 9 years of being a real estate investment coach, curriculum creator, and speaker for an Inc-500 top program, her greatest passion is to empower people to build their investment skills and grow their entrepreneurial fortitude.Indeed, her dedication can give us a stronghold and an extraordinary wisdom in bringing our real estate business into the pedestal of success. 

Creating an indestructible castle 

As a real estate investor, you can build your own kingdom by sticks and stones or by an indestructible foundation. Same with the children’s stories where the palace had to withstand different circumstances of challenges and success,  we want to create a castle which can survive the changing times. When you equip yourself with the right tools and proper strategies, you can definitely design your own business castle which can be as magnificent and magical as with your imagination. 

However, aiming high does not end in dreaming alone, but in transcending these sweet dreams into reality. At Real Estate IQ, we want to make your vision of success and financial freedom possible and realistic. We can achieve successes and triumphs if we learn together. As we remember our childhood memories through story books of fairytales and hope, may we not lose the excitement of a young child within us. We must always have the eagerness to learn new lessons, explore different strategies and create an indestructible castle- a home for your dreams and realities. 

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