October 13, 2020

Generating A Hefty Income Through Mobile Homes

“Everything in real estate, most likely, everything in real estate is negotiable.”
Mobile Homes, Real Estate IQ, #REIQSummit, #GrowingWithREIQ
Tom Nardone
Real Estate Mentor

“Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Ciao, Ciao! “

As the  whole world gets mesmerized to one popular tune from arguably one of the most successful Netflix series’ to date, Money Heist opens our minds to a whole new perspective of society. A satirical approach to tackle humanity, the show discusses the influence of money, the good, the bad and  how people get driven to it , our motivation to keep striving for it

and the extent that we are willing to go just to get hold of  it. Indeed, the world offers a wide range of ways on how we generate money.

Meanwhile, the  real estate industry is also filled with opportunities.. ways on how we generate money and turn them into profitable investments. These opportunities are acted upon by real estate investors just like you. As one of the latest trends, mobile homes are properties that are overlooked by the vast majority. It is because there isn’t much to see aesthetically in comparison to residential spaces.

You haven’t noticed that mobile homes are also slowly making a statement for today’s generation as a rise in “minimalists” have taken the market like a storm. On another note, mobile homes are one of the strongest assets in America today. Stronger assets imply a hefty and profitable income, making this worth the investment.

Summit 2020: Helping You Generate The Income You Want And Need

Being the No. 1 in Deal Finding, Real Estate IQ is driven to provide and equip you with the necessary knowledge and overview of the real estate industry. Aimed to provide and generate the profit you have longed and dreamed of with just the click of your fingertip.

Mobile homes have shown it’s rising potential in line with becoming the top asset in the field today.

Mobile Homes, Real Estate IQ, #REIQSummit, #GrowingWithREIQ

Ensuring that an investment cultivated in such a manner will provide and assure you with the income that you want and need. REIQ has tapped several individuals that have gone through all walks of life and have started in the same shoes you are in. With a common goal of achieving more than what is expected in the industry.

The Hefty Yet Savvy Tom Nardone

Mobile Homes, Real Estate IQ, #REIQSummit, #GrowingWithREIQ

Tom is an example of pursuing the American Dream of financial freedom. We all aspire to the same notion as we invest in an industry such as real estate. Throughout his years of experience that he gained through a tireless cycle of buying and selling properties. He is now, after 25 years, generating the hefty income we yearn for.

Of course, the journey wasn’t easy and he has gone

through so much to get to where he is today, Tom Nardone even co-authored the book “Secrets of the Real Estate Millionaires”. He has also created and written courses for several real estate information products in today’s market.

In line with his experience, he is bound to share and impart his knowledge with investors just like you. Especially with the rising asset such as mobile homes. Being one of the assets that have yet to gain a second look, Tom is assured that as we course through the ongoing pandemic, we are promised to gain a hefty return on investment.

The course will showcase two reasons as to why Mobile Homes are slowly becoming a trend in the real estate market.

Mobile Homes Are Cost-Efficient

The best part about purchasing mobile homes is that they are sold at lower prices in comparison to residential and commercial spaces. It means that buyers are drawn to the idea of owning a home and lot at the lowest price possible.

Prices can go as low as $10,000 per lot in comparison to apartments that can go up to $100,000. In addition to this context, renovation and

repairs are also lower in cost. Making it feasible for home improvements to take place sooner than expected.

Mobile Homes Are Low-Risk

Mobile Homes, Real Estate IQ, #REIQSummit, #GrowingWithREIQ

Since real estate investors can purchase mobile homes in bulk, the risk decreases. If your single-family property is rented and has a tenant that forcefully evicted themselves, the loss would be greater than the initial investment. 

Compared to mobile homes that you have purchased in bulk, tenants are spread out therefore the cost in loss would not be as grave as one property.

Take Action Today

Mobile homes may not seem like the most prominent and strongest choice to invest in. Let’s turn the tables and forecast what the asset has to offer. The initial step is to take that leap of faith and trust the process. We will walk you through on how to invest in the best way possible, however, the initiative and drive is all on you.

In this day and age of technology, innovation and high level competition, the real estate industry calls for a long lasting approach to generate money and create sustainable careers for its investors. We may resort to different ways, different approaches, or even unusual paths and directions, but as long as we are guided by the right motivation and purpose, it will be worth the sacrifice. After all, things easily acquired are the things easily lost. Money can still be acquired through good ways and there will not be a need for a heist just to get hold of it. All you need is a prepared heart, a vision and a very effective strategy to champion the world of real estate investing.  

Generating the income you have longed for and deserve has never been this easy. Walk with us as we guide you throughout your real estate journey on October 17, 2020 during the conduct of “Finding Opportunities in Crisis: Real Estate IQ’s 1st Annual Investor Summit”. After hearing what we have to say, mobile homes will be your investment of choice. Sign up NOW!