September 2, 2020

Finding the Best Deals in Just Seconds: What Real Estate IQ Does BEST?

Finding deals in the fastest way possible is important especially with the increasing competition in the market. You need to be ahead of the information and manage to create a good list of deals. For both new and experienced investors, finding properties with high investment potential is a task that requires effort and takes time. You need to search for motivated sellers, check their properties, and assess if it is a potential investment subject.

In the rise of technology and artificial intelligence, Real Estate IQ, the number 1 in deal-finding, created automation tools that will make finding deals more efficient. This initiative is consistent with our goal of empowering your journey to freedom and success.

Here are the tips on how can you find real estate deals in seconds with us:

Practice working smart rather than working hard

Ideally, working hard is always presented as a positive attribute of a person. However, working hard commonly results in exhaustion and fatigue. In Real Estate IQ, we want you to enjoy the fruits of your labor even as early as today, rather than to reap it only after your retirement. We want you to have freedom by working with full passion and enthusiasm rather than just working in routines.

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Invest in automation tools

Looking for deals is time-consuming if you will do it manually. Through automation tools, this task can now be done in just seconds. You may check how utilizing automation tools can double your Individual Retirement Account (IRA account) by finding the best deals with Real Estate IQ. You may watch our case study here. (What is your Real Estate IQ? Case Study: Find and analyze real estate deals)


In Real Estate IQ, we use predictive analytics and intelligence augmentation that can help you find information, analyze deals, and accomplish investing-related tasks in a faster and easier way. We are offering the following tools that may help you:

Deal finding with REIQ Deal Finding Suite

  • Get instant comps and analyze investment properties with confidence using this automation tool 
  • Off market leads- Receive a daily updated list of motivated and distressed sellers
  • MLS deal finder- search listed properties and receive real-time email notifications as soon as discounted houses hit the market
  • County data finder- Create a targeted list for marketing to anyone who owns the property. You can narrow down your searches by ownership, property type, geography, land, home features, and value
  • Repair estimator- do a quick rehab budget before placing an offer with our repair estimator
  • Deal analyzer- easily assess and calculate ROI, cash-on-cash return, rental index, maintenance and holding costs on every single deal

Deal analysis with Deal Analysis Suite

  • Use live MLS data to quickly and easily run your own CMA/comps anytime, anywhere.
  • Fast CMA- set your own parameters and see the pictures, location, agent comments and relevant information for recently sold, leased or active MLS comparable properties
  • Repair estimator- do a quick rehab budget before placing an  offer with our repair estimator
  • Deal analyzer- easily assess and calculate ROI, cash-on-cash return, rental index, maintenance and holding costs on every single deal

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Credits: Joseph Dela Cruz has a background in Mechatronics Engineering and started his career in the high-tech industry in Austin, focusing on computer vision while becoming involved in the growing DIY/ maker and startup culture. His achievement includes bringing innovation in Real Estate IQ by combining technology, big data, and real estate; managing the Data Operations and Engineering team; and REIQ’S Austin & San Antonio Market Leader

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