September 24, 2020

Finding Homes and Building Dreams: Perks of Dominating the Real Estate Market

Real estate investing is a good opportunity for career growth and financial freedom. Just like any industry, it comes along with perks and privileges when you start dominating the real estate market.

Compared to other assets, real estate investing offers more diversification of wealth and source of income. For example, if you want to have monthly receivables, you can explore rental strategies and lease properties. In the similar manner, if you are an enthusiast of fixing properties and selling it for a greater value, you can engage in flipping houses.

The Challenges

Increasing competition

One of the challenges in real estate investing is the growing competition because of the various opportunities that this profession offers. Properties with good conditions are almost everywhere in bidding wars. The number of people engaging with real estate investing continues to grow and increase.

Changing market condition

Aside from the increasing competition, the changing market condition is also a factor that you need to consider. The demand and supply in the real estate market changes from time to time due to various factors.

The demand is high when people are eager to find a house or avail a property. However, the opposite may happen during the passive season when potential buyers are spending on other necessary expenses. When the demand is low, properties are getting longer in the listings, even those with good conditions.

In a tough competition coupled with changing market conditions, is there a way for you to win deals faster than others? Here are the 5 simple strategies to dominate your real estate market:

1 – Improve direct mail

Direct mail is important because it creates a personal connection to potential buyers. Direct mailing also helps you to establish your brand and to promote your other products or services.

To improve your direct mail, you must prepare a list, create a strong message, and record your results.You can do the stacking method by preparing multiple lists of the best possible deals.  You may also do the tracking method by using a marketing scorecard.

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2 – Use transitional call to action

A transitional call to action gives you the opportunity to deepen your relationship with the potential buyer. Transitional call to action usually comes after the direct call to action. You must recognize that not all people are willing to buy a property now. However, you must maintain a good connection to all leads as people may be in need of your service soon. Transitional calls include offering them information through webinars, articles, podcasts, training and other nurturing events.

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3 – Have a great customer service

Customer service is one of the pillars of sales because understanding the customers is critical in winning deals. To have great customer service, you need to establish connections with customers based on their needs. Responsiveness is also a good strategy to get positive feedback from your customer.

4 – Know your niche

People commonly tell that investors must go outside their comfort zone. While such is a good idea, you must also not forget your strengths while developing your weaknesses. What are the positions and strategies that you are comfortable with? You need to use the right marketing for the right niche to grow in your business.

If you want to discover how your niches will lead you to riches, you may read our blog Riches in the Niches: Leveraging Your Real Estate Investing.”

5 – Become an author

Every real estate investor is an author of ideas. You are thinking of ideas and thoughts each day. You may write your ideas about real estate investing in a notebook and you may start drafting your own article about your thoughts.

Authorship is a two-way process. It will help you to think more and to organize your ideas. Also, your output will help your business grow through content marketing. Your audience may start discussing your ideas, have curiosity about you, and eventually be your clients.


The common denominator of these 5 tips is the human element. Investing in real estate is not just about offering a price and winning deals. Real estate investing is also a personal connection to your customers. In this profession, you are not just a businessman, you are also helping people not just to find their homes but also build their dreams.

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