September 28, 2020

Creating the Best Mental Health-Friendly Workplace: 3 Easy Tips to Manage Your Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented impact in the society and in the economy. As with other industries, the new normal has made emerging trends in the real estate industry, particularly in digital and automation technology. The need for digitalization has been further emphasized by the rising number of businesses shifting to work from home. Since most houses are now arranged also as a workplace, office equipment such as desktop, laptop and mobile gadgets continue to surge in demand.

Your workplace, whether a traditional office or virtual set-up, affects your mental health and well-being. An encouraging environment transcends positive impact on your productivity. On the other hand, a toxic work environment degrades your mood and eventually affects your output. As most workplace continue to shift in a  work from home set up, how can you manage the best working space suitable for you?

If you are one of the many people whose work is now shifted at home, Real Estate IQ collated the best tips on how you can create a mental health-friendly workplace:

1. Set a particular working space

When you are working from home, you can do your tasks anywhere you want inside your quarter. You can turn on your laptop while facing the television, or do your duties while lying in bed. These routines may be comfortable, but may not be productive as it brings you closer to possible distractions.

Instead of working anywhere in your house, it is better to set a particular working space. When you do your job deliverables in your workplace, it conditions your mind to have more focus and attention on what you do. This arrangement can also help you check your posture and ergonomics while at work.

2. Plan your workplace based on your needs

Planning your workplace is necessary to save costs and expenses. When you  prepare early for the materials and office equipment, you can maximize your budget well. Furthermore, you must prepare all arrangements, gadgets and supplies you need for your business. Preparing all these tools ahead of time can allow you to save your time instead of rushing to buy for resources the moment you need it.

3. Make your place suitable for learning new lessons

Working at home must not limit yourself to be creative, instead, it must encourage you to try and learn more skills. You can maximize your productivity if you will arrange your workplace suitable for learning new lessons. You may add a bookshelf where you can grab and read a book in your free time. At Real Estate IQ, you may also take part and join Successful Habits Book Club where experienced investors share their insights about a chosen book. You can make learning a continuous journey by watching and joining our webinars at REIQ Events.

Success in life is all about positioning yourself and maintaining a positive outlook despite the challenges around you. At Real Estate IQ, we want to empower your journey to freedom and success. We want to be with you as you face the hurdles and uncertainties caused by the pandemic. You may check our blog Coping and Conquering the Mental Health Pandemic: Care Tips for Real Estate Investors” where we discuss essential care packages that may help you during these tough times.

As you embrace the changes in business and in life, you must have the courage to move forward, arrange the best workplace for you and be unstoppable in pursuing success. Rise up and nail it!


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