September 29, 2020

Conquering the Real Estate Battlefield through YouTube Marketing

“I struggled for many years when I started in business, until I cracked the code in real estate investing, then it changed my life; and I am looking forward to help others change theirs.”
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Connor Steinbrook
Creator and founder of Investor Army

In entering the real estate investing field, you must come prepared in full gear because the bidding war gets more intense and competition turns fiercer than ever. More people are appreciating the opportunities in real estate investing, that’s why a greater number of investors are entering the battlefield. Despite this, real estate investors must appreciate the growing competition as a level playing field and fair trade. It is not a dire strait, but a challenge to embrace. 

In the tug-of-war towards the place for the most responsive offer, how can you conquer the massive battles in winning the best deals? What are the preparations, strategies and tactics you must learn? Real Estate IQ invites you to the 1st Annual Investor Summit to help you answer these concerns. Notwithstanding the pandemic, we will transcend geographical barriers to strengthen our army, and search for opportunities despite the crisis.

Revealing the Secret Weapon

As a real estate investor, you can use various weapons to leverage your investing experience. Your warrior equipment may include investing strategies, techniques, automation tools and marketing. All of these materials can truly help you in improving your real estate career as you take out the big guns and dominate the battle arena. 

At the investor’s Summit, we invited the finest experts in the real estate investing field to complete your battle gear. One of our guest speakers will reveal the secret weapon on how to build your real estate business with YouTube Video Marketing. There will be an interactive discussion and explosive wisdom on topics about the importance of YouTube Video Marketing and optimizing it to build more wealth. You may join us as we reveal more about this secret weapon in conquering bidding wars and massive real estate battles.

Connor Steinbrook, Leading the Investor’s Army to Victory

Taking the lead of the platoon is no other than Connor Steinbrook, the creator and founder of Investor Army- the largest real estate investing youtube channel in Texas, and is one of the largest in North America. Connor manages to rise above the fall after establishing a multi-million dollar company from a state of bankruptcy in just three years of dedication and hardwork. He maintains a YouTube channel and advocates to inspire as many real estate investors as possible. 

As a true real estate soldier, some of his notable accomplishments include:

  • He is recognized as a Top 100 eXp Realty influencers out of over 33,000 agents at the eXp Realty brokerage
  • He built his businesses using social media platforms
  • He is well- known for establishing the Investor Army Youtube channel.

No investor will be left behind as Connor takes the lead towards winning the war against despair. The best lessons are learned from your own experiences. .For this reason, Connor is one of the best speakers who can share how to rise from the ashes and emerge bigger than ever on account of his life’s story.

Conquering the real estate battlefield

You are just a click away in joining the march towards victory. On October 17, 2020, do not hesitate to be with us in forming a stronger battalion and equipping ourselves with the proper tools of knowledge and power. You can make your brand name louder than explosives and booming cannons by leveraging your marketing strategy, especially in utilizing the empire of YouTube marketing. 

Real estate battlefields are massive and huge to conquer, but we are definitely stronger if we learn together. A united alliance of investors craving success makes an indestructible battalion. With the mindset of a champion, the bravery of an army and a heart of a learner, let us conquer the real estate battlefield! Sign up NOW.